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  1. warrior05

    SOLD: Monoprice Modern Retro with Brainwavz XL

    >>>SOLD<<< Got these as a cheap sim racing headphone. Upped the comfort and sound sig with the Brainwavz pads. They really do sound better than the $26 Monoprice charges. I have since stepped up to a pair of Beyers for my racing and I have no use for these. They would be a good starter...
  2. warrior05

    FS: Fostex TH-600 with Dekoni Elites (CLOSED)

    Sale closed Trying to thin the herd a bit and these hardly get used. I got them a number of years ago and was so enamored, I soon after picked up the TH-X00 mahogony since at the time I really wanted a pair of wood cupped headphones. Sound sig is slightly different from the X00 and I tend to...
  3. warrior05

    FS: FiiO M6 - US only

    In the process of finding a DAP that meets my specific preferences and though an impressive unit, the M6 isn't the answer for me so it is up for sale. I bought this unit new late August. It's probably been thru around 5 recharge cycles and is in pristine condition (typical amplified dust...
  4. warrior05

    K.I.C.A.S. desktop amp

    I assume if you are looking at this, you know about Purity Audio's KICAS amps. The only thing I remember about the amp is I chose the warmer sounding model. Its a terrific little amp which I had planned on using in my office but just never panned out. It has been sitting around unused for quite...
  5. warrior05

    FS: Presonus Central Station >>PRICE DROP<<

    Selling my Central Station. It has been dormant for quite some time now and I don't forsee putting it into use so it is time to go.   If you do a search you will find plenty of talk about this unit. The amps are surprisingly good as is the DAC. Also, if you have amped monitors it provides a...
  6. warrior05

    !Price drop! HP Envy X2 Tablet/Laptop Hybrid <<FREE SHIPPING>>

    Selling my HP hybrid, the Envy X2. This makes for a real nice digital media player. Plug in an external drive and a USB DAC and you've got a nice digital set-up. This runs full Windows 8 so you can use whatever you like - Foobar, Media Monkey, etc. Keep in mind, since this runs on the Atom...
  7. warrior05

    Klipsch Image One

    Bought these for my office but decided to use earphones instead. They have approximately 50 hours of use on them.   The case and headphones are in mint condition. Always used in a smoke free environment. I do not have the box.   Price includes shipping within the US. International will...
  8. warrior05

    FS: DIY supplies - SOLD

    SOLD   Due to a new demanding job, I have decided to shut down my modding services. I just do not have the time. I have amassed a fair amount of parts and supplies over the years and I am trying to clean some of it out.   Obviously, I would like to sell this stuff in large chunks but I...
  9. warrior05

    FS: 3rd Gen 64gb iPod Touch and LOD >SOLD<

    >>>BOTH TOUCH AND LOD HAVE BEEN SOLD<<<   Okay, I have now switched this to a straight For Sale item. As mentioned previously the unit doesn't have a scratch on it. It has always had a screen protector on it and either lived in a case or, for the past 9 months or so, had a Zagg skin on the...
  10. warrior05

    (just pay for postage) Shure SRH240 in need of recabling <<TAKEN>>

    <<TAKEN>>   Bought these headphones several months back with the the thought of using some of its parts for a personal headphone project.  It didn't work out so I decided to put it all back together and offer it up for free.  The catch?  You will have to cable it.  One of the first things I...
  11. warrior05

    DofH Audio

    Formerly of S2 Audio, here's the feedback thread for my new venture - DofH Audio.   Thanks all!   -Scott
  12. warrior05

    LF: Any throw out cable with small right angle 3.5mm (1/8") plug

    Got a crappy pair of earphones or headphones that are broken and you plan to throw out?  If it has a right angle 1/8" plug, I want it!  Willing to pay for shipping - cheapest mail. - within the CONUS.  Could even come from an interconnect.  Obviously, I'm after the OEM right angle 1/8" plug.  Go...
  13. warrior05

    FS: Fischer Audio Eterna V2.0

    >>SALE PENDING<<   Bought these about a month ago. Put about 70 hours or so on them. I like how they sound - especially considering their price - but they just don't isolate enough for me.   I've been using only Sony hybrids with them so all original tips are new and unused. All original...
  14. warrior05


    Ah, yes - the venerable Trekstor Vibez.  I'm assuming since you are reading this you know about the Vibez.  It is a terrific sounding DAP that natively supports FLAC and gapless playback flawlessly.  I love this little player but haven't used it for quite some time due to a change in how I use...
  15. warrior05

    FS: Sleek Audio SA6 and Wireless Accessory - price drop

    Still love the sound sig of these but I just don't use them.  These are the first version.   As my pic below shows I have all of the tuning ports.  I bought the newer cable but the original is still in great condition so you get two sets of cables.  I only have the two sets of bi-flanges...
  16. warrior05

    FT: Looking to trade for large Sony hybrid tips with other sizes I have

    I finally gave the Sony hybrid tips a try and love them with my FX700.  I use the large and have no need for the 3 other sizes that come in the multi-pack.  I'm hoping I can find someone (or, ideally, someones) I can trade one of the smaller sizes for large rather than having to buy more...
  17. warrior05

    Cell phone repeaters - any suggestions/comments?

    Got a friend who is thinking of dropping 5 bills on a dual band repeater but he doesn't know much about them so I thought I would ask here. There are two main questions: 1) do they work, and 2) any specific model recommendations? Any other info would be greatly appreciated!
  18. warrior05

    Free: Stock Shure SRH840 or SRH750DJ cable >>SPOKEN FOR<<

    >>>SPOKEN FOR<<< If you are within the CONUS and need a replacement OEM cable (or want a spare) for your SRH840s or SRH750DJs, let me know and you can have mine for free. I've converted my 750DJs so I can use my own cables and no longer need the stock one that came with them. If you are...
  19. warrior05

    FS: Sleek Audio Wireless Accessory

    I'll post pics tomorrow. The unit is in perfect shape and includes everything it came with including the original box. I just don't use it. $107 shipped within the CONUS $119 shipped elsewhere PayPal preferred. Feedback in sig below.
  20. warrior05

    FS: Shure SRH840 >>SOLD<<

    >>SOLD<< Nope, nothing wrong with them. Just not my cup of tea. Nice build though. My hats off to Shure. I bought these from a fellow Head-Fi'er. They came to me in perfect shape in the original box with all of the accessories. This is how I'm selling them. Price: $145 shipped within...
  21. warrior05

    My experience with Shure's SRH750DJ - now official impressions thread

    11-16-09 EDIT I started this thread back in October when I made a trip down to the AES Convention and got a chance to spend some time with Shure's new DJ model. I received my pair today and thought I would turn this into an impressions thread. My original posting is below. You can jump to...
  22. warrior05

    FT: My new SA6 non-large silicone tips for your large SA6 tips

    I just bought a new set of SA6 tips (silicone double flange) and only use the large. I hate to see the other sizes go to waste so if anyone out there uses one of the other sizes, I thought we could do a trade so I have one or two spare larges. I prefer to keep this within the CONUS to keep...
  23. warrior05

    Realistic DirecTV experiences

    I'm considering switching to DirectTV from Time Warner Cable but my main concern is reception during bad weather. Myth or does it happen?
  24. warrior05

    Anyone with experience in fixing LCD monitors?

    I have a 19" Samsung LCD monitor that, when working, displays a really nice picture. The problem with it is that it can't seem to hold onto the signal from my computer. If I turn it off then back on, I see the display for about 2 seconds then it goes blank. It is the same symptom for both the...
  25. warrior05

    FS: Ultrasone Pro750 drivers - pair only >>SOLD<<

    >>SOLD<< I recabled a Pro750 for a customer back in April of 2008. I really liked the sound of them but was never crazy about Ultrasone's chassis so I contacted the company and was able to order a pair of drivers for me to experiment with. After awhile of retrofitting them in various...