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  1. will75

    Where in the chain to include Schiit Fulla 3?

    Hi - here is my setup: -Desktop PC with Soundblaster Z sound card. -Schiit Modius DAC (incoming) -Schiit Valhalla 2 amp (incoming) as well as a Darkvoice 336se (incoming) (I'll switch between the two depending on the music and headphones) -headphones and also have klipsch promedia 2.1...
  2. will75

    Long time member needs your amp help

    Hi all. I've only owned an Audio Technica amp in the past, the HA3000. I now need your advice for a headphone amp. 1. I'm using this with my computer run system. I have a klipsh promedia 2.1 plugged into my pc and plug my headphones right into one of the speakers. Not ideal, but it works. 2...
  3. will75

    Need Advice: Want $100-150 pair of Full-size (Circum-aural), Closed Headphones, no amp.

    Title says it all.  My brother wants to get these for travel, movies, music...   Needs them full size so they go all the way around the ear, must be closed due to airplane use, and he won't be buying an amp so nothing with high impedance.   He wants to spend $100-150.    I always...
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    FS: Rare Audio Technica Woody - ATH-W10LTD (SOLD!)

    This sale is for my ATH-W10LTD. They are in good condition. I say good because the housing is perfect, the pads are brand new, but the wood cups have some blemishes. The cups are in great condition in nearly every section except for 2 spots on each side. The spots almost look like the finish...
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    Hi all, I'm happy to start a feedback thread for One_Hertz. He recently purchased my W5000 and the transaction was great. He was a pleasure to deal with and communication was always fast and friendly. Thanks and welcome to Team AT Woody!
  7. will75

    WTB: Audio Technica Woody Woodie ATH-W10LTD

    Hi all. If you have a set of ATH-W10LTD's shoot me a pm and let me know what you want for them! Please do this via pm rather than replying here since I won't check this thread too often. Thanks!
  8. will75

    A very entertaining read from another forum (Angola, it's not like they said.)

    Hey all. I realize most people aren't really into or even aware of motorcycle adventure riding. But, I came across this forum and specifically this thread from a dirt bike forum I frequent ( and thought you all might enjoy it. It details a trip several friends took to...
  9. will75

    Anyone use a Treo 700WX through Verizon?

    I'm wanting to get this PDA through Verizon but I've heard good and bad. Anyone have one? I DON'T want the palm version. I'm only interested in the 700W and mainly the newer 700WX. Thanks!
  10. will75

    How do you cut out part of a PDF file and attach it in word or outlook?

    I'm wanting to take just part of one page and paste it into the body of a word document or outlook email. Anyone know how? Thanks!
  11. will75

    Fun and Free Game

    Hello all. This game was posted on Fark several years ago and I thought about it and looked it up again. It's basically a dirt bike going through an obstacle course incorporating some rag-doll like physics. Very simple, fun, and free. I made it through all the levels and have started on...
  12. will75

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-W2002

    SOLD!!! Hi all. With great reluctance and future regret, I must sell my 2002's. I need money now for something family related and since these headphones only benefit me, they are the first to go. I bought them from the great headfi member Afrikane last year. They are in the exact...
  13. will75

    A tremendous animation found on youtube.

    Forgive me if this has already been posted here. I searched "kiwi" etc and didn't see it. Stick with it, it's a fast 3 minutes. Funny how touching an animation can be. Enjoy.
  14. will75

    FS: 1980's MIJ Fender Stratocaster in excellent condition.

    Hey all. I'm selling my much loved Made in Japan Fender Strat on ebay. If you are interested please have a look: I stand by my feedback. This guitar is in as great of condition in terms of sound and looks as I have seen for a 1980's...
  15. will75

    How do I connect my Ipod to my system?

    Hi all. Let's say my system is as follows: CEC595 ---> AT-DHA3000 The DHA3000 is a DAC/AMP combo so it only has digital inputs. The CEC595 has coax and opt outs so I'm fine there. So, CD's are covered but what about my nano? I'd prefer not to have to rip everything to CD's. Is...
  16. will75

    New to Cables and need help

    Hey all. I am finally getting away from using my computer as a source and am now in need of some advice. I have a Sony CE-595 on the way. Will this come with some cheap cables to connect to an amp? Are they worth upgrading? I think I will use coaxial because I have read it is better or at...
  17. will75

    Weezer Calls it Quits.

    Sad day for me. This is by far my favorite band. I hope they eventually come back but it's pretty unlikely this time around. Rivers is the one in control and he seems done. River has about 450 songs out there (about 60 on their 5 albums). Many great ones ost have never heard. Sorry if...
  18. will75

    Looking for a great TV set forum/review site

    Hello all. I'm currently looking at getting a new TV. Interested in a 42" DLP or LCD. So, I have tried to find a forum or review site similiar to this one. I haven't found anything great and wanted to see if any of you know of one. Thanks in advance!
  19. will75

    Which IEM (around $100) is similiar to Grado sound?

    Hey all. Thinking of getting some IEMs for my future ipod. I won't be using an amp or at least not any time soon. I currently have Philips 890, Senn 595 and Grado HF-1s. The Grados are by far my favorite. Their sound is exactly what I love. Up front and loud, Great from punchy bass to crisp...
  20. will75

    This is what I've been waiting for!!!

    I joined this forum over 2 years ago. I first purchased the Philips HP890s and really loved them. I recently upgraded to the Senn 595. I was disappointed at first but after 200 hours of burn in really love them. They have changed dramatically since I first listened to them. Great headphones...
  21. will75

    As Seen on TV

    I'm a big Lost fan. Tonights's episode had a flashback in which Hurly tried on some headphones. He put on some Senn 515s (almost positive thats what they were). My wife rolled her eyes when I paused the Tivo to look at the wall of headphones.
  22. will75

    Is $159 a good deal for new Senn 595?

    I am interested in grabbing these cans and wanted some advice on this price. Thanks all.
  23. will75

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 (need advice!)

    THE BACKGROUND: Hi all. I purchased a pair of Philips HP890's about a year and a half ago. I use them on my pc with the integrated sound that came with the computer. They don't seem power hungry so the source is ok. They are very comfortable and I'm happy with the sound. THE PROBLEM: As many...
  24. will75

    Spanish/Latin Music help

    Hey all. I'm looking for recommendations for a certain genre of music. I guess it would be classified as latin or spanish. Looking for a fast-paced sound with trumpets blaring and lots of cool drum beats. Hopefully this doesn't sound too idiotic. I have heard songs in the past like this...
  25. will75

    CMOY test points question

    I have the power and amp section of my CMOY complete. I'm going to buy some jumpers and test it according to Tangent's tutorial before moving to the other components. Problem is, I don't know where to connect the jumpers to the board. I know I need 6 jumpers (12 clips total) and that 3 go on...