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  1. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    We must have the same ears (lol). I was pretty disappointed by the verrrry hyped up sr-60's. How would the D1001's fare comfort-wise? Also, replying to wrecked_porsche, with the music at a decent level, ON A HIGHSCHOOL BUS, I cannot hear anybody talking and I can only hear the diesel...
  2. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    your right! kthxbai head-fi...
  3. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    well.. i've been "sober" for over a year so i guess it wont hurt to buy a new pair found one for $90 shipped
  4. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    thanks I was actually reading the review when you bumped it :O. Looks like I may have to sell my SR-60's and buy one of these bad boys to see how they perform against the K-81 and RP-21 and how they respond to the fiio amplifier coming from a xfi, psp, and a ipod shuffle 2g! (My wallet...
  5. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    changed from "an amazing headphone for home use that absolutely annihilates anything in its price range" to "an amazing headphone for home use that absolutely annihilates almost anything in its price range" lol. Also, i havent seen any formal reviews done on the q-40 nor have i heard...
  6. Sunkinator

    Equation Audio RP-21 VS AKG K-81DJ

    Comparison: AKG K-81DJ and Equation Audio RP-21 Note: The k-81 is blu-tak modded and has the foams removed from the earcups. Hip Hop - Lupe fiasco/ Matthew Santos "Superstar" MP3 RP-21: Very detailed throughout the audio spectrum with tight, controlled bass but lacking in bass quantity...
  7. Sunkinator

    Favorite CD to test headphones?

    Ra- From One The singer has a great voice with middle eastern roots- You dont usually find that in a modern rock band. Seriously, after listening to RA's album, I have avoided mainstream rock. With the RP-21's superior sound stage and refinement, I realize a certain uniqueness and...
  8. Sunkinator

    Suggestions Needed for a 4th pair of phones

    HD-585 with 595 grills and hd-650 cord is the way to go (if you can still find an affordable one)
  9. Sunkinator

    What headphones do you find to be the most comfy?

    Unmodded and after a year of wearing it, the k-81dj is very comfortable. But the most comfortable would have to be my bike helmet foam modded SR-60's. They engulfs your entire head with foam. Very tacky but very comfy!
  10. Sunkinator

    Headphones for ~$100 metal/rock

    akg k-81dj is an extremely fun headphone for rock (i used it 5 days a week for a whole school year listening to rock/metal) Its sound is decent but the bass is very overpowering It is very versatile and way within your budget and the highs are not as harsh as grados.
  11. Sunkinator

    Best headphones you can get?

    If you can get your hands on some HE60's and a nice amplifier/ source, your ears will be in heaven and you will probably not catch upgraditis.
  12. Sunkinator

    I want to try Grados, but I need bass.

    you may want to amp the sr-80 with an ibasso
  13. Sunkinator

    Wood Grille for SR-60!!

    Next time, I might use popsicle sticks made from pure mahogany... or i could try the Haagen Daaz upgrade. Maybe if I chrome plate the popsicle stick and lubricate it, it will make the sound more "slippery" back to RL... I woodstained my popsicle sticks and hotglued them together. They...
  14. Sunkinator

    Wood Grille for SR-60!!

    Ok... So I tested them and they sounded extremely honky. I drilled some more holes in the grill and it fell apart. What I learned from this is that fiddling with the sr-60 grille will only result in worse sound. Leave it be. BTW no pics because it looked like crap, it's broken, and it sounded...
  15. Sunkinator

    Wood Grille for SR-60!!

    Im posting pics when im done with it.. Im waiting for the glue to dry right now
  16. Sunkinator

    Wood Grille for SR-60!!

    Since I've had alot of spare time... I've been modding my SR-60's. I tried making wood mesh (with toothpicks) but it was too unreliable. I have moved on to bigger and better things (popsicle sticks). I took some sharp plyers and shaped 5 sticks into a circle the size of the SR-60's original...
  17. Sunkinator

    Recommend me my third pair of headphones!

    maybe you should look at the Equation Audio RP-21. It has a very detailed sound (and it's Minimum Advertised Price is $99). It is currently being raved about and it might be a candidate for FOTM. It is a closed circum-aural headphone so it will meet your isolation needs and it will not leak...
  18. Sunkinator

    Are headphones safe?

    No, they are actually good for you. Studies show that the magnets align the dendrites (or something like that) in your brain which enhances your short and long term memory and it also makes it easier for you to think creatively. Thomas Edison always aligned his head with the north and south...
  19. Sunkinator


    Is there a significant increase / decrease of sound quality, staging, and or positioning when running these through a CMOY? I already know that it responds well to higher end amplifiers.
  20. Sunkinator

    Do You Burn-In Your Headphones?

    I like to listen to mine whenever it is possible and during school and overnight, they get a good helping of pink noise.
  21. Sunkinator

    Burn in Roundup!

    It would be pretty cool to see how many headfiers burn in their new headphones. This thread will be a headcount. gl hf Oh, btw I burn mine in
  22. Sunkinator

    I need neutral crystal clear cans... Looking toward 240's. $120- range discussion

    RP-21 hands down. When run through a GV6, it cleans up their whole sound spectrum. It kicks the sr-60 and the k-81dj in the nuts
  23. Sunkinator

    Friend needs airplane headphone

    Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 half the price, better than bose
  24. Sunkinator

    New Headphones Suggestions

    There are so many more options if you dont buy a behind the kneck... I would recommend the ksc-55, I Believe it has the Koss titanium plated diaphragm while being in a behind the kneck format. It is supposed to be a little darker than the ksc-75 beware though, according to reviews, they...
  25. Sunkinator

    sr-60 mod help

    Im trying to buy one premade. Im latheless