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  1. zombieDave

    The Who's halftime show was pretty good for a geriatric band.

    The Foo Fighters would be the perfect Superbowl Half-Time Show band, and appeal to all ages, IMO. Green Day could prob pull off a good cross-generational show, as well. It's tough to name modern rock bands who can appeal to music lovers who evolve (like most of us Head-Fiers) and those who only...
  2. zombieDave


    I bought a pair of SR225's from Bob and couldn't have had a better experience! He was nice enough to allow me to pay via USPS Money Order rather than PayPal (I don't have an account) and he was patient & considerate throughout the whole transaction. 'Phones came just as described and very...
  3. zombieDave

    FS: Modded Beyer DT770 Pro/80's

    Sale pending. Thanks, Matt!
  4. zombieDave

    FS: Modded Beyer DT770 Pro/80's

    Sunday morning bump. Somebody out there wants a great pair of closed cans, right?
  5. zombieDave

    FS: Modded Beyer DT770 Pro/80's

    Tons of interest and lots of e-mails w/pics sent, but they're still here...
  6. zombieDave

    WTT: My cetoole-built Millet Max

    The amp is gone. Thank you, Skullguise, and thank you, Colin!
  7. zombieDave

    WTT: My cetoole-built Millet Max

    Christmas Eve bump. "Happy Holidays" to all the Head-Fiers out there who may happen to read this. Now, could a few more of you PM me with trade offers?! JK (but not really...)
  8. zombieDave

    Why was there a back lash against Disc?

    Maybe because, at the time, it flooded the airwaves with vapid lyrics, drum machines instead of a real drummer, and songs that could've been written by, well...just about anyone. The "fashions" it uttered in - via clothing & hairstyles - were also ridiculous and short-lived. The people who hated...
  9. zombieDave

    What is your favorite Who album?

    My fave is the "greatest hits" collection, "Meaty, Beaty, Big, and Bouncy". It's got all the best of The Who's British-Invasion singles plus. In other words, it's the anti-"Who's Next".
  10. zombieDave


    I bought a Corda 3Move from Bo. The amp came well-packaged in the condition he said it would be in w/the accessories he said he'd include. We kept in constant communication and were both frustrated by the amount of time mailing payment/shipping amp took between the U.S. and Canada but, again...
  11. zombieDave

    WTB: Meier Corda 2Move or 3Move

    Sunday morning bump w/addition of older model 2Move to WTB. Somebody out there with upgradeitis has gotta' have one they'd like to sell off for cash to put toward a new toy . . .
  12. zombieDave


    Sunday morning bump with price drop.
  13. zombieDave


    Stacy purchased my Headroom Total Airhead and, I must say, the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. Decisive, enthusiastic, and trustworthy are words I'd use to describe this Head-Fier. They also went over-and-above to pay me by money order rather than PayPal, which I sincerely...
  14. zombieDave


    Jeff purchased my XM5 portable amp. He is everything that I like in a Head-Fier: decisive, accommodating, & polite. He knew he wanted the amp and knew the price was good, so he didn't try to barter. He paid via USPS Money Order, per my request, which can be a pain. He was absolutely the most...
  15. zombieDave

    FS: XM5 and (clear)Total Airhead

    No, I don't have a PayPal account. If you read my feedback, I think you'll feel comfortable knowing you'll get what you pay for (via money order) in exactly the condition described in a timely manner via USPS Priority Mail.
  16. zombieDave

    FS: XM5 and (clear)Total Airhead

    For sale are two portable amps, priced to sell fast: (1) Practical Devices XM5 in black. Read about it's multiple features (including DAC) & excellent performance on these pages and at the Practical Devices website. Included are the USB cable, mini-to-mini, manual, charger, factory-included...
  17. zombieDave

    Top 5 songs about breaking up/getting dumped

    Tori Amos' "Tear in Your Hand" from Little Earthquakes or "Northern Lad" from From the Choirgirl Hotel.
  18. zombieDave

    Most natural, lifelike, emotion-evoking IEM or portable headphone?

    OP - everything EFN says X 2! I sold my Ety Er4Ps about a year ago because I was simply accumulating too many sets of cans and I much prefer supra- or circumaural cans over IEMs. I used my Etys unamped through an iPod, amped with a decent portable (Tomahawk), and amped with a full-size home...
  19. zombieDave


    Free bump for what every Head-Fier truly needs - a slight pause before deciding to buy more gear!
  20. zombieDave

    metal/hard rock songs for workout playlist

    I'm not much of a metal-head, but my iPod Shuffle has the entire Led Zeppelin catalog on it and there's nothing I'd rather listen to while working out. Bonzo's drumming does something to me that makes it easier to power through any workout at any time of the day! If you haven't checked out Led...
  21. zombieDave

    Mad extreme bass

    I own a pair of DT770-80's and, prior to modding them, couldn't stand the "mad extreme bass". I'm not a basshead by any stretch, so I wouldn't even listen to these cans prior to having them worked on because they were so bass-heavy (I got them in trade w/a very cool Head-Fier). For comparison, I...