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  1. camille

    shirt clips. anywhere to be found?

    Yea, stupid question it seems; but I would like to know if a shirt clip like, say, from an ER-4 can be purchased or similar for cheap? purely out of curiousity. thanks.
  2. camille

    camille's trek through the IEM/canalphone-dom [56k, watch out]

    My portable setup isn't entirely complete as I wanted, but it's going in the right direction. I tried to compile and search for any photos I may have kept or posted in forums pertaining, but seemed to only fish out about a couple or so (which seemed to be the ones I'm looking for) But enough...
  3. camille


    Canucklehead recently bought my Go-Vibe V5. great communication, swift payment. overall, first rate! enjoi. cheers!
  4. camille


    leitztozeiss bought my ALO bling bling dock cable. transaction went smoothly, stellar! enjoi. cheers!
  5. camille

    What Colour Are Your Marshmallows?

    i'm sure many a people have these, and not to stray away from the mega thread for these this is strictly to inquire which colour head-fiers chose for their marshmallows...
  6. camille

    Apple laptop users: battery inquiry

    right now, the battery for my PowerBook G4 is removed in favour of keeping it on my desk at all times in which it's purely run on AC. question is, is it safe to leave the battery in with the AC adaptor plugged in? would it overcharge the battery? my mom's toshiba laptop battery suffered that...
  7. camille

    Upcoming shows you plan on attending?

    just like to throw this out to anyone who is a concert-goer. so what shows you'd like to see or planning on seeing? so far i got tix to see: Cat Power -- Commodore Ballroom -- 29 Nov Joanna Newsom -- Saint Andrews Wesley Church -- 5 Dec still need to get tix for: Sarah Slean --...
  8. camille

    Black ER-4... where to get em?

    i'm wondering who carries the Black ER-4P? thanks.
  9. camille

    FS: ALO Cryo iPod Dock to RCA

    up for sale is a AudioLineOut Cryo iPod Dock > RCA cable. info here: bought it 3 months ago, brand new, off the ALO website for $165 (excluding shipping). still in excellent condition. a bit of fingerprints on the RCA plugs, but nothing more...
  10. camille

    FS: Little Dot 2+

    up for sale is my silver Little Dot 2+. bought it 2 months ago. still in excellent condition. had probably less than 24 hours of total listening time. everything is in working order; no problems with the tubes whatsoever. they drive my K501 and K701 with ease. still have the foam...
  11. camille

    Yes! finally re-ripped my CD collection and then some!

    to keep everything nice and organized in the same bitrate, my entire CD collection needed to be re-ripped. there are a few instances where it's different (iTMS purchases), but about 98% of the rest are at LAME 320kbs mp3. in all, about 300 CDs were ripped and encoded. yeah i know it doesn't...
  12. camille

    FS: 4G 60GB iPod Photo

    selling my iPod Photo. i'm expecting an iPod Nano soon and this will just be collecting dust plus i'm desperately low on funds. bought it around june '06 from apple's refurbished units. although it came in no retail box, everything is in working order and in very good condition. it has a...
  13. camille

    are Grados for me?

    from what i read, that most Grados are more tailored to rock music...are they the best for female vocal, acoustic/soft pop? cuz i forsee a pair of Grados in the near future...thanks muchly!
  14. camille

    why are most stuff sold here domestic sales?

    a lot of FS threads either mention for an item going for $xxx shipped CONUS or UK/EU, etc. is there any reason why sellers wont include any buyers outside their designated country? i just find it odd is all.
  15. camille

    WTB: aiko, 浜崎あゆみ, & 宇多田ヒカル albums...

    looking to see if anyone has the following albums they're willing to unload: aiko: 小さな丸い好日 (Chiisana Marui Koujitsu) -- 1st album 夏服 (Natsufuku) -- 3rd album 秋 そばにいるよ (Aki Soba Ni Iru yo) -- 4th album 宇多田ヒカル: (Utada Hikaru) First Love Distance* Deep River* 浜崎あゆみ: (Hamasaki Ayumi)...
  16. camille

    Hat-Fi, anyone?

    my other obsession: Fitted Hats. i've got nearly 40+ of fitted hats (by New Era Cap) split from 5 different MLB teams (Mariners, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Cardinals) as well as NHL Teams (Canucks, Nordiques) and some skateboard companies in various styles. i can't go back to adjustable caps...
  17. camille

    when burning-in a cable...

    ...i wonder could you just connect to a stereo and let it run for days on end? and/or does it need to be joined w/ something like say an amp on the other end? thanks.
  18. camille

    AT-HA20, LD II+? any other amps to recommend under $200?

    i need a decent amp to drive my soon-to-arrive K701. as noted in the thread title, my amp budget is under $200USD. i've been looking the the HA20 and the LD II+. which seems the best? or if anyone else has any other suggestions w/in budget that would be great. thanks muchly.
  19. camille

    Monday Night Football...Ultrasone sighting?

    didnt notice. but surprising that the ubiquitious HD25s aren't present
  20. camille

    in need of some help...

    i have met someone about a month ago who is just unbelievable. she is from Japan to study for the next 9 months. i haven't felt like this about someone since a friend i know who lives in Korea. anyway, about 3 weeks ago, we had this great night with dinner, walking along downtown, bubble tea --...
  21. camille

    FS: Sony MDR-D55, Audio-Technica ATH-ES7

    *both sold!* again, i'm strapped for cash; here is a couple more phones i need to unload as i'm funding for other things. Sony MDR-D55 acquired this, brand new, from T-Board member Drivel months ago. i would say they had about 24hrs burn-in + abour 50 hrs listening time. the earpads...
  22. camille

    FS: Sony MDR-D11, MDR-D22SL, MDR-D33

    i'm a little strapped for cash w/ school coming and the months ahead, so this is the beginning of the firesale....let's begin! MDR-D11 AFAIK, i am the second owner of these. although these have seen better days, the phone itself is fully functional. the earpads have the pleather removed...
  23. camille

    Sony suckering uninformed people?

    i dropped by a local Sony Store today, and to my surprise they are carrying the SA series (SA1K, SA3K)... a closer look...the price: SA1000 = 299.99CAD SA3000 = 599.99CAD wow. i feel sorry for the unlucky person to buy em there; taking a glance over at Audiocubes: SA1000 =...
  24. camille

    e3 tips on an ER-6i? apparently so.

    my tip-less ER-6i now has temporary eartips. i used the small clear tips supplied from the e3 and to my surprise they fit (a tighter fit to boot) -- i just hope these eartips dont get stuck in my ear....
  25. camille

    IEM users -- have you gotten the buds/flanges/foamies stuck in your ear?

    i had occured this problem last year when the right tri-flange remained in the ear canal while taking the ER-6i out. i think this is what deterred me from using IEMs. now that i'm expecting Shure e3's soon, i may be a bit cautious when putting em on and taking em off. also, if such a thing...