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  1. wonderwall

    Laptop Soundcards

    I just brought home a new Asus laptop, which I love in almost every way except... it sounds terrible. Both the oddly located speakers and the headphone out jack which makes even Skullcandies sound thin and bassless. Uuuughhh. It's the K601 model, purchased for $549 from Best Buy. My question...
  2. wonderwall

    Next Step Up With Speakers

    Right now I am using the two front speakers (in 2ch stereo mode) that came with my Yamaha HTR-6030 Receiver, which I purchased at the beginning of 2008. Never bothered with the rear speakers, lost the cord to my sub when moving things around and I don't even know why I stopped using the center...
  3. wonderwall

    File Management Methods for Clip+

    I've had a 4GB Sansa Clip+ for several months but only ended up using it a few times at the gym. Now that my ipod is pretty much out of commission, I have made it my main PMP. I've been using explorer to add individual mp3 files for a while but that method is becoming messy. The only way to...
  4. wonderwall

    Getting into photography

    I constantly find myself in a situation thinking "Gosh, I wish I could take a picture of that and capture it forever". At times I've tried, with a digital snapshot camera or with my cell-phone. The results are never satisfactory, especially if it's of the sky or the forest or anything far away...
  5. wonderwall

    Covers of The Smiths Songs?

    As of sometime last year, I am a huge Smiths fan. I really love their music, both for the instrumentations and vocals and for the brilliant and relatable lyrics. There are some songs though, I have always wondered what they would sound like done differently? With different vocals, especially. I...
  6. wonderwall

    Computer Trouble

    So I'm having some serious PC issues. To be honest, it hasn't been in full form for a while but I tried to ignore the little bugs and glitches until now, when it's just too much to cope with. First, it occasionally restarts itself. Not too frequently but every once in a while I will wake up...
  7. wonderwall

    Reformatting a Mac

    As I mentioned in my other thread, I'm in the market for a new laptop. I always planned on giving my current one, a 13" MacBook, to my mom at that time since she's eager to learn how to use a computer and surf the web researching things. But Mother's Day is tomorrow, I do have a PC which is my...
  8. wonderwall

    Need new soundcard - Limited Budget

    My cheapo Best Buy brand 5.1 soundcard is not only malfunctioning in the optical department but also preventing my computer from booting down or rebooting correctly. I know this because I uninstalled it and deleted drivers and suddenly my PC was powering off and on smoothly. What I need is a...
  9. wonderwall

    SR60 + RadioShack extension cable

    I love my SR60s. I honestly bought them more as an experiment than anything else. I'm always hearing how Grado is the antithesis of Sennheiser (more or less), whom I own the most cans by, so I guess I wanted to test the waters. After adjusting to the fit and the rather different adjustment...
  10. wonderwall

    Alessandro's Return Policy

    Do they have one? I'd really hate to lay down $100 for the MS-1s and then find I cant bare wearing them only to be stuck with them. And of course there is no way to demo them. P.S. I asked this in the MS-1 thread but I figured I might get an answer more easily this way.
  11. wonderwall

    Sound cards and sound signature

    So I just recently installed a cheap Dynex (best buy house brand) 5.1 sound card in my computer for the optical output option, which I am now using. And I don't know if it's the card itself or the optical cable but... Everything sounds generally kind of 'frigid'. I can keep the volume on my...
  12. wonderwall

    Sennheiser Rebate

    It's a bit misleading. I kept hearing about it, saw it mentioned on Amazon's page for the HD-555. But I somehow missed the part where you have to send in your old (I assume Sennheiser) headphones. So yeah, blah. Unless you are upgrading from 555 to 595 or something, forget saving $30.