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    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the conclusion with different amps.
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    Concerns HD800

    Quote: Originally Posted by jfkbike UPDATE. I do now! I have spent all weekend playing with my system and sources. Bottom line the m902 is the problem. I hooked up the Wadia to a PS Audio (modified) Digilink DAC and then to the SinglePower and what a difference. I was skeptical as to...
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    HD800 Listening Experience with different amps & sources

    In reading that review, I felt like a kid in a candy store...hmm...come to think of it, you are one lucky ! Like a few others have said, in reading your review, I had the sudden desire to go and look up some of the music that you used for your review; no luck. Can you give a few more details...
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    A comparison between the Sennheiser HD800 and the Sony R10

    Interesting indeed! That area in the 1 to 5k range; how does it relate to sound? When I heard the R10, I remember it having a magical midrange that seemed pinpoint with instruments. But the bass did not seem so nicely done.
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    7/11/09 Los Angeles Mini Mega Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by moonboy403 Here are the pictures that I took at the meet and our after-meet raging party. If I offended you with the outrageous descriptions, I apologize in advance. I also realized that I don't have a picture of every one of you and/or your rig...
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    Ultrasone Edition 8 Is The Search Over?

    Quote: Originally Posted by monotune Day two of the 8's. I have to say I am really happy. It was a big decision to drop that kind of money. My ipod setup should be insured . I have to say that I would agree for the money Ultrasone is charging for the Edition 8 I would expect a better...
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    Grado PS-1000 initial impressions

    ^^^Makes you want to grab the screen^^^ Thanks for sharing!
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    Frequency graph:HD800 vs Q010

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Frequency response charts like the ones above have the range of human hearing, usually from 20 Hz to 20kHz (Hz = Hertz, or cycles per second), on the horizontal axis, and volume level, in dB or decibels. By way of comparison, 99.99% of the CD...
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    PS1000s shipping

    Quote: Originally Posted by ical Yes, I replaced them with JMoney Audio headband version 3 which is much more comfortable over the stock with it's wider and thicker padding. Ideal for heavy cans like PS1000 as it helps to distribute the weight over the head as well as a firmer grip...
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    HD800 for monitoring

    Quote: Originally Posted by deejayen I’m doing a bit of tracking and mixing at home, and have been using my HD-600 headphones. Everything I read states that using headphones for this task isn’t ideal, and I think I can agree with that now. I would say that the HD600s give me a cosy...
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Quote: Originally Posted by dallan Well my listening in the last week is something like HD800s 90% and JVC DX1000s 10% and that is after having the HD800s for five weeks so not that extremely new to me anymore, and the DX1000s I have had about ten months, so they aren't an old pair by...
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    Sennheiser HD800 Certificate for Frequency Response Arrived

    Quote: Originally Posted by feifan According to Keith Howard ("Between the Ears: The Art and Science of Measuring Headphones," Stereophile, Aug. 2008), your approach makes sense. Referring to his method of assessing "headphones in the circumstances most favorable to them," Howard says...
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    Tangerine, thank you for that comparison, it was helpful. Even though I do not think I will break down and buy the Edition 8, I sure would not pass up the opportunity to hear it, or the PS1000. Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab Deviations from flat frequency response are very...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by feifan Hey, Snacks. You mean serial number, right? 00318 Makes me feel like I'm hearing all my favorite tracks for the first time. Yes, that's what I mean; serial number. I'm trying to capture what everyone hears with their HD 800, and on what...
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    HD800 vs DX1000

    Both are musical, but the HD 800 displays its musicality in a familiar; however, different way. You can hear and feel bass, but without the unnecessary impact.
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    HElp me find an open headphoen for tube otl amp to tide me over till hd800.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Anouk Hi Everyone (warning long rantish alert), I have come to a conclusion: I want open phones at home and iems for on the go, closed headphones are nice but just not good enough for at home. I have finally decided that I will invest into custom iems...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by hembergler If the Lakers can resign Odom... yet another dark day in Beantown (literally too, the weather here has been terrible) Not surprisingly, the Lakers are looking to capitalize now on Kobe's window of opportunity, even if it means moving out someone...
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Skylab's review should be applauded; it is and very much appreciated! Not many will, or have taken the time to do what he has done for this community! I do not agree with every single detail, but I respect his opinion(s). The HD 800 is a complex headphone. The outpouring of varying opinions...
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    But are going to be losing Ariza. Is this an improvement or a detractor? Ariza was a difference maker, but Artest is no slouch. I smell a Lakers repeat baby!!!
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kees I actually think that is exactly what needs to be done: find the right combination. The headphones are completely worthless on their own, it is all about the right combination. That is why I have so many (completely different) amps. I also would never...
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnwmclean Snacks, that was a very odd post, you built it up - then right at the end, a one sentence delivery. Sorry about that, but I was trying to be as discrete as possible, because I do not want to take away from the work that Skylab has done in...
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800

    Skylab, Thank you for taking the time to write that beautifully epic review. It defiantly gives a different flavor, than what I/we've been used to. Currently, I own both the DX1000 and the HD 800 (had the HD 650 for years) and while I agree on most points, I disagree on some others, and...
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    HiFi store in Chicago?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab For headphones, Music Direct is the place to go. But talk about sorry for your wallet! Music Direct is primarily a catalog operation, and their "store" is a non-descript warehouse in an industrial area just off downtown Chicago. I have been there...
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    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    ...I'm very close to canceling my order... It feels like I'm intentionally getting jerked around, and I do not care for that at all! If it wasn't for the fact that I've been all in since the announcement, I would have cashed out a month and a half ago; most assuredly, when I read that...
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    NEW Grado PS 1000 headphones!!!

    Cancelled my order...too much time, plus too many other headphones to choose from.