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  1. newguru

    Interested in forum?

    What is the best forum (i.e. the head-fi of the vinyl world) for vinyl? I'm interested in reading up as much as I can before making a purchase. Thanks in advance!
  2. newguru

    ****SOLD**** FS: RSA Hornet "M" Black

    ******SOLD******** Amp is in perfect condition. Comes with battery, charger, amp, box, bag, etc. all the normal goodies. Amp works perfectly as well but I'm simply not using it enough to justify keeping it. Perfect feedback here (link in my sig) so you can buy with confidence...
  3. newguru

    ***SOLD***: AKG K701's

    ****ALREADY SOLD**** Come in original packaging and box. Sound perfect. Fully burned in. Look and function excellent. No marks, scuffs, or other blemishes. Non-smoker. $210 firm. I will ship through UPS ground with signature and insurance through my office and they will be packaged...
  4. newguru

    What are my case options for Ipod and Hornet Amp?

    I'm looking for something that is small enough to hold just the Ipod and Hornet with a mini to mini cable connecting them together. Can someone post some links to some options for me?
  5. newguru

    Why don't the other headphone manufacturers get a clue on the cables like Sennheiser?

    It seems like Sennheiser has the best system where you can easilly swap cables out on their headphones. I wonder why other manufacturers don't wise up and do their upper level headphones the same way? i.e. AKG, Grado, etc. It is just arrogance by the manufacturers or do you think they just...
  6. newguru

    How are you handling your multiple sources?

    Right now I'm using my Denon 2200 (soon to be upgraded) for CD/SACD use and I also have my Ipod that I occasionally hook up with 320kbps music on it when I don't want to have to switch constantly between CD's/SACD's every 45 minutes and just want to rock out uninterrupted. Unfortunetely, my only...
  7. newguru

    What options if any are out there for SACD as far as a DAC goes?

    Is there a DAC that can decode DSD? If so, which ones?
  8. newguru


    Sold him a pair of Sennheiser HD-590 headphones. Prompt payment through paypal! Would deal with again in the future.
  9. newguru

    FS/FT: Sennheiser HD590 Headphones

    These are some of the most comfortable Sennheisers ever made IMO! I bought these new so I'm the only owner of them and they sound great even unamped on most computers even through the soundcard output/headphone output. Looking to either sell outright for $SOLD or trade for a set of Grado...
  10. newguru

    WTB: AKG K701s in Excellent Condition

    I'm interested in something that looks basically brand new and doesn't have any frayed cords, or other apparent damage to them. I can buy new from Northern Sound for $244 so keep this in mind when quoting prices.
  11. newguru

    Can anyone beat the NY Wholesale Audio price on the Rega Apollo?

    I need to find a place that can beat this price on the Rega Apollo: $790 Shipping on it to me was around $27 so the total would be $817 shipped to my door through this place. I have PMed a few people that have given me some contacts for better priced dealers but all these end up falling...
  12. newguru

    FS/FT: Sennheiser HD600 Headphones

    Look as good as new and work perfect. I'm the original owner and they will ship out with the same stuff they came with new including the original box. Looking for $190 shipped UPS to your doorstep. Paypal preferred. EDIT: Also, these headphones come with the HD650 cord, not the HD600 cord...
  13. newguru

    FS: Gilmore Lite

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Why wait 6-8 weeks to get a new one when you can buy mine right now? Includes the Elpac power supply. Excellent amp. I used it with my Senn HD600's for quite a while now. Drives them beyond the volume level you would want to listen to them at (or at least...
  14. newguru

    What is the consensus on the reliability on the Eastsound CD-E5?

    I have seen some people having issues a year after buying one but I have heard it is a good source for the money.
  15. newguru

    Singlepower PPX3 SLAM vs. new Darkvoice....

    I know we are talking pricewise about two different beasts but I was wondering if anyone here has both and how they compare? I'm listening primarilly to jazz and blues on my headphone setup and I use the Senn HD600 for my cans.
  16. newguru

    How big of an issue is the comfort issue with the Grados?

    I'm used to my Senn HD590's and I can listen to them for hours at a time. Is this possible with the Grados? Anyone care to comment who has both either the HD590/HD580/HD600's and some Grados so I can get an idea? I have read about the C-pads that you can get for the Grado's to help with the...
  17. newguru

    Cheapest online vendor for Grados?

    Looking at maybe pickup up a set of either the 325i's or the 225's. Where would be the cheapest place to buy these new?