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  1. CMasten

    Reply to review by 'cmasten' on item 'Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphone'

    I bought the 846 and there is no looking back.. its almost perfect in a MUCH smaller package 
  2. CMasten

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    Well said HeadphoneAddict !  maybe they will be more like an HD600 and an HD800 then.. even more interesting. Either way, I have enjoyed the W3 so much and respect Westone for taking the time to produce quality that I will most likely be in line early for the W4.
  3. CMasten

    Westone 4 Impressions and Reviews Thread

    i am guessing it will be similar to the Senn HD 600 and then the HD650. I own both and love both, just different enough to be intoxicating. The HD600 is ruler flat IMO and the HD650 has the bottom fun factor, I am hoping that the W3 and W4 are simliar. Some folks already think the W3 is too...
  4. CMasten

    pink noise EQ???

    without the analyzer you have no way to accurately measure the pink noise to even make the adjustments. There would need to be some kind of a Mic to capture that output. I am not familiar with your application, but maybe someone else is. The formal application for pink noise is what I was...
  5. CMasten

    pink noise EQ???

    pink noise is used in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer to adjust sound reinforcement venues. There are other applications, but this is probably the most popular and the one your referring to . I use it for adjusting the acoustics of a concert area as the people come in and fill it up...
  6. CMasten

    Good compact amps for Westone 3?

    find a used RSA Tomahawk up here, it pairs very well with the W3s and the battery life is amazing.
  7. CMasten

    Michael Jackson which albums has best quality?

    from a pure musical and quality point of view, I would have to vote for OFF THE WALL I think it represented the talent Michael had, with quality engineering, Quincys brilliance and he had not hit the top yet and so the commercialization of his skills were not yet exploited on this album...
  8. CMasten

    Etymotic ER-4P with Ety P-S cable and acc

    nope sorry, Im trying to reduce my inventory
  9. CMasten

    Etymotic ER-4P with Ety P-S cable and acc

    Purchased from B&H on 9/9/07, I have about 20 hours or so on these, as I then started to purchase additional IEMS and Cans... the Head-Fi sickness we all suffer from! I just dont use these much any more but they are still at the top of the short list of great all time IEMS. Superb shape...
  10. CMasten

    FS Grado RS1 Classic

    A beautiful pair of classic RS-1s are now sold.. thanks for the offers.
  11. CMasten

    FS Denon AH-D2000

    weekend bump to keep this one fresh.
  12. CMasten

    FS Grado RS1 Classic

    bump for the weekend to keep it fresh
  13. CMasten

    FS Denon AH-D2000

    Waiting on cash from one person should see it br tue next week, i ll ping you if that falls out
  14. CMasten

    RSA Predator amp & techno -- what $300-600 heaphone is best for this setup?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Toxygen Actually, I was just talking with Ray on the phone half an hour ago, asking him what phones he recommends specifically for the Predator. He said he would not recommend the HD600, HD650, or AKG 702 with the Predator. He said they will "work", but...
  15. CMasten

    Californian's-- Would like your advice for vacation spot!

    California is all over the map on weather.. No Cal and So Cal usually run about 10 degrees apart with So Cal running warmer. Inland it can get really hot in either the north during the spring and summer. Cool and Consistent is the norm for the coastlines again with No Cal usually cooler but...
  16. CMasten

    Christian Rock

    Not a Christian Rock band by their own admission, but Christian background and with a baptist father growing up.. they cant help but "Shine" Collective Soul. If you have not experienced HOME their DVD or CD its a concert worth watching. They partner up with the Atlanta Youth Orchestra for a...
  17. CMasten

    Christian Rock

    I am finding some nice bands out of this thread. For those of you that want to drop back to the 80s and you like the slow driving metal beat of an Ozzie or Sabbath.. (I know sacrilegious) I have one for you The Seventh Power, with an album by the same name, start off with the first track...
  18. CMasten

    ALAC & MP3 Tagging application for OS X Please?!

    this may be what your looking for, I use it with ITunes on both Windows (Vista 64) and Mac OSX. TuneUp - Your Music Collection's New Best Friend superb product! connects to ITunes (so that is a given to use) and then will scrub your music for album artwork and all the metadata that it can...
  19. CMasten

    Loving the New Macbook Pro and Apple customer service!

    clearly you have a unit that needs Apples attention. Just take it back to the nearest Apple store and compare it to another one. My space bar fits both of my thumbs perfectly, the lid closes with the percision of a swiss watch and the touchpad is completely silent. My MBP 15 is the finest...
  20. CMasten

    Kindle - Fi

    one more caveat... to be honest on both sides. I just finished a book by Tony Dungy of the Baltimore Colts (Quiet Strength) excellent book if you like inspirational stuff with a Christian center. I was telling some people at work what a great read it was.. and then it dawned on me when they...
  21. CMasten

    Kindle - Fi

    Bought one a couple of weeks ago, my wife took one look and 30 seconds later I was ordering my 2nd! so much for the first one! Overall, I am not a big reader, but take the train to work and as such need to occupy 3 hours a day.. and I do listen to my various audio rigs, but wanted to see how...
  22. CMasten

    FS: 1st iPod nano 2gb w/ case

    I just found this gem.. it was the first Nano I gave the wife. I installed Rockbox on it and added some FLAC files... its blissful sounding with a good LOD into a Tomahawk or other good portable amp! Crash Test Dummies sound superb on the go..
  23. CMasten

    audiophile quality albums

    Steve Wilsons new album Insurgentes is just stunning. The quality, the dynamics and of course the brilliance of Steve comes out in his first solo album. It came out this week and if your a Porcupine Tree fan, this album is a must. Steve has a way to quietly pulling you into a song and then...