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  1. tseliottt

    New ear tips for Sony 7550s?

    Stock dont fit, Complys disintegrate within a week.
  2. tseliottt

    What are these CIEMs?

  3. tseliottt

    Sony 7520 vs cd900st?

    I prize resolution, and love studio accurate headphones ala the etymotic er4. I've also noticed that Sony makes some of the most underrated headphones on the market. I was looking at these two models for my fullsized headphone, but there's hardly any info on them. Certainly not enough to get a...
  4. tseliottt

    Why Aren't the Sony 7550 as popular as the EX1000?

    I've known about the EX1000 for years now, but only stumbled upon the 7550 after an erroneous click on a certain website. This wayward click brought me to the 7550's FR graph, and I was surprised at how neutral this random IEM seemed.   Fast forward to now, and I've ended up buying the 7550...
  5. tseliottt

    Full Size Headphones Similar to the Etymotic ER4

    To date I haven't heard a purer representation of "audiophile quality" sound than through my Etymonics which I bought a decade ago.   The treble is inoffensive, yet it sparkles and brings out every single detail. The full-size cans I have listened to elevate the higher frequencies to...
  6. tseliottt

    To anyone having issues with the Audio Technica wing system.

        It's that easy. I would have assumed people would be able to figure out something so obvious, but I always read complaints about the wing system. I'm sure you could make it prettier if you wanted to.   After this "mod" they are one of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn...
  7. tseliottt

    BRAND NEW Sony XB90EX.

    Bought these from Accessory Jack and they took weeks to get to me. They are still in new condition and they sound amazing. Asking $85 + $5 Conus or $15 Int. Cheaper than Accessory Jack and I'll ship much much much faster as well.
  8. tseliottt

    Benchmark DAC-1 powering monitors and headphones?

    I'm on the verge of buying the DAC-1, but was wondering if it would run well with monitors and headphones plugged in simultaneously. My main concern is blowing sensitive headphones like the D2000 on accident when turning up the volume for the monitors. Does the volume control both the Headphone...
  9. tseliottt

    NEW Future Sonics Atrio m5 mg7 Black

    Selling a brand new pair of Black Atrio m5s with the new mg7 drivers. I bought them about a month ago, but I have hardly used them as I prefer my Etymotics noise canceling abilities during the day. I still considered keeping them though because the bass on these is amazing. Unfortunately, I...
  10. tseliottt

    Eartips for ER4p?

    I know there are probably a lot of threads on this, but all the ones that came up in the search basically suggested the Shure olives. I have the Shure olives and want something a bit more comfortable.   I had to roll the olives pretty tightly for them to fit, so I think my ear canals may be...
  11. tseliottt

    D2000 with Recessed Highs.

    I just got some D2000s, and was absolutely enjoying them until I listened to Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma tonight. For some reason the high frequencies were bugging the **** out of me. And every album after that, I couldn't stop thinking about the piercing highs. I'll listen to them a little more...
  12. tseliottt

    Q40s vs. XB500s. Need BASS.

    I've currently got some XB500s, but don't find them too portable. I throw them in my bag a lot, and the pillowy pads just seem way too malleable. I've continued to search for some portable basshead cans, and the Q40s seem to fit the bill quite well.   The sound I prefer is a deep soundstage...
  13. tseliottt

    XB500s with Soundstage.

    ...And instrument detail.   Hi guys. I recently bought Sony XB1000s and XB500s, but I'm looking fair a pair of cans that will better suit me. I loved the presentation of the XB1000s, but need more portable headphones, and these definitely are not portable. I thought the XB500s would be good...