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  1. Trippytiger

    Worthwhile to go from Shure e2c to 4?

    Well, I've been away from here for a while, but I'm getting a touch of upgraditis now and Futureshop has a sale on the UE 4 that has me intrigued. They're $72 CAD at the moment, and I happen to have a FS gift card burning a hole in my pocket to boot, so it's a very appealing deal...
  2. Trippytiger

    Refurbed 30 GB Zune $130 at XSCargo!

    Well, imagine my surprise when I came across an ad for refurbished 30 GB Zunes while looking through XSCargo's website! These don't appear to be advertised in the latest flier, but if you live near a store it would probably be worth taking a look to see if they've got any in stock! Could be a...
  3. Trippytiger

    FOUND: Lite DAC-AH (Canada)

    Found one already, folks! I hate to clutter up the FS forums with a WTB post, but I've been pining for a Lite DAC-AH for a while now and recently there haven't been any turning up on the forums as I had hoped. So if you can hook me up with one, let me know! I'm mostly looking for a stock...
  4. Trippytiger

    School bookstore is stocking Etys - what do I do?

    So, I wandered down to the computer/electronics section of the university bookstore on the hunt for a notebook sleeve (of course, the one I got doesn't fit in my bag...), and decided to check out the headphone section like I always do. But this time, rather than the usual bunch of cheap Sony...
  5. Trippytiger

    So many IEMs - how do I choose?

    So I'm thinking of upgrading from the MX550 earbuds that I'm using with my Carbon while on the go, and I'd like to go to something pretty good. From the little research I've been able to do (not so many reviews of IEMs out there, it seems), I think I've worked out all of the available options in...