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  1. xenithon

    64 Audio U12t (SOLD)

    Selling my 64 Audio U12t. It is in excellent condition - I am the first and only owner, purchased directly from 64 Audio. Includes the original box, carry case with accessories, unused tips, the M15 and M20 modules, as well as the stock cable which has been professionally re-terminated to 4.4mm...
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    WTB: 64 Audio Tia Fourte (or trade for Nio / Trio)

    As per thread title, looking for a Tia Fourte. Must be in very good condition with original box. If you one and are considering selling please PM me. Also open to trades for my Nio or Trio with cash adjustment.
  4. xenithon

    [SOLD] Hiby R6 Pro Stainless Steel with added extras

    Selling a Hiby R6 Pro in stainless steel silver. About 18 months old, in terrific condition. Comes with the original box and all accessories. Also adding an official Hiby Leather Case and a 200GB SanDisk microSD card. €400 including PayPal fees and courier shipping anywhere in the world...
  5. xenithon

    [SOLD] Forza Claire MkII balanced cable for Audeze / ZMF

    Up for sale is an as-new condition set of Forza Audio Works Claire MkII headphones cables. These are 2.5m / 8.2ft in length, terminated in a Neutrik 4-pin XLR and 4-pin mini XLR's for headphones from Audeze, ZMF, and the Meze Empyrean. €130 / £115 incl. courier shipping.
  6. xenithon

    [SOLD] ZMF Auteur Ltd Cocobolo

    Selling one of my prized possessions - a ZMF Auteur Ltd, in gorgeous Cocobolo wood. Only 50 were made if I recall correctly. It is excellent condition, only a few hundred hours playtime and always kept in the box when not in use. Black grills, non-mag chassis. Comes with the stock cable, stock...
  7. xenithon

    DAP best practices for battery health

    Hi all. I have some various questions and comments across different DAP threads, but did not see a thread dedicated for the topic - so thought I would start it. With ever increasing capabilities (and pricing) of DAPs, I am sure we'd like to prolong their lifespan. Most DAPs these days seem to...
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    WTB: PW Audio No 10 8-wire (2-pin / 4.4mm)

    Hi all. As per thread title, I am on the lookout for a PW Audio No. 10 cable. Only interested in the 8-wire version, 2-pin, 4.4mm. If you have one and are considering selling, please PM me. Cheers X
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    WTB: balanced 4-pin XLR extension cable

    As per thread title, I’m looking for a balanced headphone extension cable, 4-pin XLR male to 4-pin XLR female. Must be at least 1m long. Ideally looking for pure copper, something like Forza Audio Works, Norne, etc. Not looking for DIY cables e.g., made from Mogami / Canare). If you have one...
  13. xenithon

    WTB: Sony WH-1000XM3 (London / UK)

    I’m in London for the week so wanted to see if anyone has a set they’re looking to sell. Preferably in black and with the original box et al. If you have one and considering letting it go please PM me.
  14. xenithon

    WTB: Forza Audio Works Copper Series IEM Cable, MMCX to balanced (Europe)

    Hi all. May be a long shot but wanted to ask if anyone has a Forza Audio Works Copper Series IEM Cable in MMCX to 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced located in Europe? Only look for this specific cable at the moment, no other makes and not the hybrid version. If you have one and are considering selling...
  15. xenithon

    64 Audio U10 IEM - SOLD

    Selling a 64 Audio U10 (newer Apex version) in excellent condition, with M20 module, original box, accessories and tips. Will also include a UPOCC balanced cable and 4 sets of Symbio tips. $590 incl. PayPal fees and shipping
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    WTB: Fiio M11

    As per thread title - looking for a Fiio M11. Must be in very good condition with original box and accessories. Can be located anywhere.
  18. xenithon

    IMR R1 Zenith - SOLD

    Up for sale is an as-new pair of IMR R1 Zenith IEMs. These excellent and unique IEMs can be used both open or closed and you can choose between five different tuning filters. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping anywhere in the world. This is A-stock, as new in the box. Cheers X
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    Hi all. As per thread title, I am looking to buy a Fiio M11 within Europe or the UK. Must be in excellent condition with original box et al. Please PM me if you have one and are considering selling. Thanks X
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    WTB: Sony 1000XM3

    As per thread title, looking for a pair of Sony 1000XM3 headphones. Must be in excellent condition, preferably in black and with original box. Please PM me if you have a pair and are considering selling.
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    WTB: Penon OS849 2-pin to 2.5mm

    Looking for a Penon OS849 IEM cable. Must be in good condition, 0.78mm 2-pin to 2.5mm balanced. If you have one and are considering selling please PM me.
  24. xenithon


    Selling an immaculate pair of Fiio FA7 IEM's in geometric smoke. In as-new condition with original box, tips, carry pouch, and all other accessories. Price: €240 / £210. Excludes PayPal fees but includes shipping anywhere in Europe / UK. Pictures below:
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    As per threat title, I have a brand new Fiio FA7 quad BA IEM, in the box with all original accessories. Looking to trade for a 64Audio U10 with cash difference (only interested in the U10, none of the others). Also selling the FA7 outright if anyone is interested.