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  1. ufospls2

    iFi Audio ZenDAC

    Hey guys! I just received a package from iFi Audio, containing a loaner of the new, soon to be officially released, ZenDAC! So far, it strikes me as a really neat little bit of gear. Here is a link to the product page The ZenDAC is an all in one...
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    I've seen a couple for sale threads of the IER-Z1R going for 1200-1300USD. Is there anyone out there looking to get rid of a pair? If you are interested, I could offer up a pair of BGVP Art Magic V12 in a partial trade + cash for the Z1R's. Its not that I don't like the Art Magic V12's, they...
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Gold (X) No info yet really. Kinda weird it has a built in DAC. "The Liquid Gold X is a smaller version of Cavalli Audio’s most popular amp, the Liquid Gold. It is a fully balanced, differential front-end, solid state amplifier. In addition to the great...
  4. ufospls2

    WTB: Sony IER-Z1R

    Hey Guys, Im looking for a pair of Sony IER-Z1R. A brand new unopened pair sold for $1500USD here, so I'm looking for something around there, depending on number of owners, length of use etc... I live in Canada. Please message me if you have something available. Thanks for the help : )
  5. ufospls2

    Abyss Diana Phi

    Hey Guys, Up for sale is my Abyss Diana Phi. Only reason I am selling them is to move to the Phi TC's, as my use case has changed, and I'm not needing the portable-ness of the Diana anymore : ) These are fantastic sounding headphones. They have a few scratches and wear, hence the lower than...
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    SOLD Hifiman RE2000 Silver - SOLD

    Hey Guys, Up for sale are my RE2000 Silver. The left side has some of the paint rubbed off on the very edge, but the Hifiman "H" is still in tact on both ear pieces. No scratches that I can find. Will include the ISN Audio C16 Cable from Penon Audio at my asking price. Shipping and PP fee...
  7. ufospls2

    SOLD Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 (Silver) -SOLD

    Hi All, Up for sale is my silver Chord Electronics Hugo TT2. It is in absolutely excellent condition. $7500CAD+Taxes new, so I am asking $3950 USD including shipping, but excluding PayPal fees. You are absolutely welcome to pay via gift if you would like to avoid the PP fees. Please just send...
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    WTB: Tin Hifi T3?

    Hey Guys, I realise this is a long shot...but does anyone have a Tin Hifi T3 they would like to sell? I'd love to compare it to the T2 on my website/blog thing. Or would anyone who has a pair be interested in loaning me it for a little bit? I would pay shipping for sure! Anyhow, thanks for...
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    64 Audio Tia Fourte For Sale SOLD

    Hey Guys, Up for sale is a pair of 64 Audio Tia Fourte. I am the original owner, and they are one week old, absolutely mint condition. Comes with everything they came with stock. Asking $2500USD+Shipping+PayPal fee. Price is FIRM. Thanks for looking.
  10. ufospls2

    WTB: 64 Audio TIA FOURTE

    Hi Guys, Figured I'd put a feeler out there and see if anyone has a pair of Tia Fourte they would like to sell. Please shoot me a PM if you do!
  11. ufospls2

    [SOLD] Hifiman RE2000 - BRAND NEW IN BOX

    Hi Guys, As they are new in box, they should be spotless. I've attached a couple pictures below for reference, not of the actual IEM's themselves. I'm asking $1000USD+Shipping+PP fee. Any questions just shoot me a pm! Thanks!
  12. ufospls2

    WTB: Campfire Audio Solaris

    Hey Guys, Looking for a pair of CA Solaris. If you happen to have bought a pair and aren't enjoying them or you find they don't fit you well, please give me a shout! I live in Canada, so you would have to be willing to ship up here :)
  13. ufospls2

    WANTED: Tin Audio T2 FOUND

    Hey Guys, Looking for a pair of Tin Audio T2. Please give me a shout if you have one you would like to sell :)
  14. ufospls2

    WTB: Hifiman Cable (2.5mm to 4pin XLR) HE1000/Susvara/EditionX etc...

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Hifiman Cable, 2.5m(ish) long. 2.5mm to 4pinXLR for HE1000/Susvara/EditionX type headphones. If you have one for sale, please send me a PM with some pics. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, but I'll know when I see it. Thanks!
  15. ufospls2

    WTB:4pinXLR to 1/4" TRS Adapter

    Hi All, Looking for a 4 pin XLR (female) to 1/4" TRS (male) adapter. Please give me a shout if you have one available.
  16. ufospls2

    Hifiman HE6se For Sale SOLD

    Hi All, Putting my HE6se up for sale. They are 3 weeks old. In mint condition. I am selling because I have decided to upgrade. They are truly fantastic headphones, just be sure to feed them some good power :) Let me know if you have any questions. I will cover shipping within North America...
  17. ufospls2

    Chord Electronics DAVE (Silver) - SOLD

    Hi, I have decided to put my Chord Electronics DAVE up for sale. I suppose if you are looking for a DAVE, you know how good a DAC it is. The best I have heard, and I have heard quite a few. I will cover half of insured shipping within Canada or the USA, but I would ask that you cover the PP...
  18. ufospls2

    WTB: Hifiman HE6

    Hi All, Putting a feeler out there for a pair of HE6. Don't care if its 4 screw or 6 screw. No mods would be nice. If you happen to have a cable for use with a speaker amp, or the HE Adapter, that would be cool. I'm not too concerned about condition (price depending...,) as long as they work...
  19. ufospls2

    Hifiman SUNDARA For Sale - Price Drop.

    Hi All, Up for sale is my pair of Hifiman Sundara. The paint has rubbed off a little bit on the bottom of the headphones, on the edge. I have tried to show this as best I can in the third photo. The headphones have nothing else wrong with them, and work flawlessly. They come in the original...
  20. ufospls2

    Chord Mojo W/ Brand New Battery SOLD

    Hi Guys, As I'm selling off a lot of my gear to cover some medical bills I picked up while I was in the states, I've decided to put my Mojo up for sale as well. It is literally just back from Chord HQ, having had a new battery installed. Comes in original packaging etc. I will cover shipping...
  21. ufospls2

    Hifiman HE6-SE

    Definitely looking forward to hearing this, and seeing what people come up with in terms of mods.
  22. ufospls2

    Hifiman HE1000-SE

    I know nothing else about this, but it sure is interesting :) Looks like it uses the same headband, darker wood, and "Stealth Magnet" system as the Susvara. Perhaps all it lacks is the gold coating on the diaphragm?
  23. ufospls2

    WANTED: Chord DAVE?

    Hi Guys, I am just putting this out there for the future. I won't be able to purchase something until about a month from now, as I am leaving the country for a while. I know my asking price is low but I guess I am just seeing what is out there. You never know if someone really might need to...
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    Wanted: Simaudio Moon 430HA (No DAC)

    Hi guys, I'm interested in a Simaudio Moon 430HA. Just seeing whats out there at the moment. Thanks!
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    Hey All, Perfectwave MK2 for sale. No Bridge. It has a tiny bit of scratching on the right rear corner, and the top still has the protective plastic on, which has lots of marks. Underneath the plastic it should be mint. I really like this DAC, but I need the money currently. No trades. Price...