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  1. dziendobry

    Logitech UE600vi

    These are new, I don't have the outer box but have the inner with inserts and original tips including the comply.  These have the inline mic with three button controls.  I used them long enough to test that the controls worked on my berry.  PM me any questions.  Prices include shipping and...
  2. dziendobry

    TDK BA100

    I bought these in December from Newegg.  I have put 2 hours on them, they come with all original unused tips (including comply), filters, clip, extension and adapter.  I have the original outer box but without the inner contents if wanted/needed.  Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
  3. dziendobry

    Backbeat PRO - UHP606

    These are new, I bought them directly from Altec Lansing in December of 2011.  I used them long enough to compare to my 4's.  The tips that are on them are the mediums which I did not use, and I have the other sizes in my tip bag or you can specify what size you use and I will include...
  4. dziendobry

    Mee AF32 Airfi Bluetooth Portables

    Intro Thanks to Joe from Meelec for the review pair.  This is the first pair of BlueTooth Headphones I have used or reviewed, although I have heard the K430’s, HT-21, KSC-75, and Yuin G2A.  They can be purchased through their website for $79.99 as well as Amazon and Newegg Right now through...
  5. dziendobry

    Yuin G2A

    Yuin G2A for sale
  6. dziendobry

    MEElectronics introduces Bluetooth headphones

    Press Release   Looks like it is the M9 for the IEM with a BT receiver and an over ear offering with built in Mic and BT.  
  7. dziendobry

    Jlab Audio releases new IEM's

    I really like their J3 for the under $30 bracket, right now its my wifes everyday IEM.  I am interested to hear their new offerings as well as an interest in their new one bud phone IEM.  Link Here  At Amazon here  
  8. dziendobry

    Low Hours - Sennheiser PX100 ii **Price Drop**

    I bought these new, I have about 100 hours on them, they look new.  I have the pouch they come with, I don't have the box.  I used them inside only while doing light cleaning, smoke free home.  Shipping will be $5 CONUS only.  I will put pictures up later tonight or tomorrow.  I am selling them...
  9. dziendobry

    [Review] MEE A151

    Intro Thank you to Joe from MEE for sending these to me to audition, I have really enjoyed the experience.  The A151 can be purchase from them from their website or through one of the retailers that carry them.  I am going to approach the write up of the review backwards, providing the...
  10. dziendobry

    [Price Drop] Aurvana 2 for sale

    They are in like new condition.  I keep all of my IEM's in top condition as you can see by the picture of my "stable".   Shipping is $5 anywhere in the CONUS.   Aurvana 2 - $50 $45 $40 I love these but they don't see enough play time any more.  I probably have between 20 and 30 hours on...
  11. dziendobry


    Intro This is the first time I have written a review, this is my opinion based on my subjective ability to hear, as well as my preferences.  I received this as a review pair from MEE, they can be purchased on their website for $79.99.   Primarily I am a classical music listener, because of this...
  12. dziendobry

    8GB Clip+ for 32.98 Shipped

    8GB Clip+ for 32.98 shipped, I picked one up.  Right Here. Hey Mods how about a deal thread like over at the portable headphone IEM sub-forum.
  13. dziendobry

    SOLD UE700 New

    Sale Currently Pending. I received these from UE today, they are not new in the box but are new.  No comply tips.  I have a pair already, I was considering these as a back up but  I think I would rather save my pennies for a pair of ER4P's.  $120.00 Shipped  I will only take payment through...
  14. dziendobry

    Deal Alert 5.5 Gen 30 GB IPOD $99

    Came across this one this morning.
  15. dziendobry

    Brainwavz M3

    I got this email today regarding the M3  I am waiting to get the M1 from the previous pre-order. I will be looking forward to getting and hearing these as well as hearing everyone elses impressions.     "Today i am proud to introduce our Brainwavz M3, the fifth Brainwavz model to be...
  16. dziendobry


    Bought a PA2V2 amp from Meltdown, great communication, everything was well packed and shipped in a timely manner.
  17. dziendobry

    Deal Alert! Sansa Fuze 8GB $36 Shipped!  Today only!    I finally took the plunge and got one, and then found that Micca Store carries a Fiio made LOD for the fuze.  Bought it through Amazon for 5 bucks lower then what is listed on their site.   Cheers!
  18. dziendobry

    SOLD: NIB Maximo iM-490 $10 Price Drop

    SOLD  This was an impulse purchase on sellout.woot. They are brand new in the retail package.  I took them out to burn them in and listened to Beethoven's 9th.  Not surprisingly they are not suited for classical music, but sounded great with Rage against the machine.  All the tips are unused...
  19. dziendobry

    SOLD NIB V-Moda Faze w/mic

    I got these as a gift for someone, but never gave it to them.  They are brand new in the retail package. Color is Gun Metal Black and they come with four sets of tips, XS, S, M, and L. They have a built in mic for use with Blackberries and Iphones. Price is $25 $20 $15 shipped in the CONUS. ...
  20. dziendobry


    Traded a pair of Shure foam large tips for a pair of comply foam size M t-400 tips.  Quick transaction.  Great and quick communication.
  21. dziendobry

    FS: Replacement Pads for MDR-7506/V6

    **SOLD** I got these in the mail today, turns out that I ordered the wrong ones I have the 7505.  I don't want to go through returning them overseas.  I have two pairs, they are brand new, I will sell them for SOLD for both pairs or SOLD a pair shipped CONUS only.   
  22. dziendobry


    Feedback for me