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  1. tri adi

    SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

    hi all. i'm from indonesia. just bought regular 535. can someone help me, which ety filter will change mine to sounds like LE? green or grey? because that's the easiest to acquired here compare to mouser. thanks b4 :)
  2. tri adi

    FitEar F111 — Impressions, Reviews & Discussion (previously TO GO! 111)

    Hi all. Just bought this remarkable iem yesterday. I own blackberry z10. One major problem, no sound comes out from my triple 1 everytime I plugged it in z10 (tried it with another triple 1 too). Songs played, but no sound. Tried it on other device such as ipod, iphone,ipad, working well. Tried...
  3. tri adi

    Earbuds Round-Up

    thanks for the reply. guess imma get mx985 for sure. hope they still have it in jakarta.
  4. tri adi

    Earbuds Round-Up

    hi ClieOS. i'm new in this. but please help me decide which one i should choose. yuin pk1 (i own fiio e11 to amp it) or hi sound living? i own brainwavz b2, turned out i don't really into analytical type of sound. just found out that i'd prefer earbud rather than iem. thanks b4