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    HFN&RR/Keith Howard headphone test rig

    The August 2019 issue (P28-33) of Hi Fi News and Record review has a article by Keith Howard on how he tests Headphones for this magazine. I've been reading this mag for 40+ years and have to say that under Paul Miller's editorship it's the best general knowledge home audio/stereo mag around...
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    Benchmark HPA-2 at 600 ohms ?

    Been really enjoying the HPA-2 headphone amp built into my DAC-3HGC - but since one of the headphones it's driving is a Beyer T-1 gen 2 - I'm curious about what the power output is at 600 ohms ? The closest spec I can find for this is for a 300 ohm load -nothing so far for 600 ohm ? Benchmark...
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    returning after years away

    will be curious as to whether things have improved noticeably from O2 headamp days ? Just ordered a pair of Senheiser RS-950's -will see how those work within my oddball system.