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    T+A Solitaire P planar magnetostatic

    Found some other photos. I hope I can hear these at some point.
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    V1 pads are much smaller, thinner, and more square looking. V2 and Phi have the same pads.
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    No. They are the same :)
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    Diana V2 and Diana Phi have the same pads, and headband fit.
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    dCS Bartok

    I'm not sure that would work. Im definitely not an expert, so it might, but I remember reading something about the design of the HTT2 allowing it, but most gear it wouldn't work.
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    HiFiMan Susvara

    TT2 has enough power from the XLR outputs on the rear. I prefer my current set up with the Kinki EX-M1 over the direct from the TT2. Synergy is ok, but not great with the Susvara direct from the TT2, after extended listening, I found it a bit bright and piercing. No clue about the HE1000se, as...
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    $3000USD? Thats pretty (ok, VERY) low price wise for a DAVE, be wary of scams if you're using, there are many. All that is needed is the corresponding power chord for the region you live. You don't even need to flip a switch, just plug in, the DAVE automatically works with the...
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    You really can't go wrong with either the Susvara or TC's. Both will pair well with your amp too!
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    What I have gathered is that there was the original Diana (small earpads and original headband width,) then the Diana Phi was introduced which brought a wider headband and larger earpads to the table. Then, with the release of the Diana V2, the headband has been tweaked further, as well as the...
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    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Awesome photo! Thanks for sharing : ) Very cool man : ) I'm happy for you!
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    The JPS Labs: Abyss AB-1266 Impressions Thread

    Even the rack! Epic! Thanks for sharing joe : )
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    ZMF Verite

    Its untreated I think, so the green patina will probably appear over time. I'm guessing it can be polished back to the way it looks currently though, but I'm not sure.
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    ZMF Verite

    Its actually copper, but cocobolo and black, yup! :)
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    ZMF Verite

    Well, these arrived late last night. I think they look absolutely awesome : )
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    iFi Audio ZenDAC

    Hey guys! I just received a package from iFi Audio, containing a loaner of the new, soon to be officially released, ZenDAC! So far, it strikes me as a really neat little bit of gear. Here is a link to the product page The ZenDAC is an all in one...
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    ZMF Verite

    I think you will enjoy the suede universe pads, and they are epic-ly comfy too!
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    ZMF Verite

    Verite order placed. And now the wait begins...:)
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    SOLD Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 (Silver) -SOLD

    Changed price to USD, sorry for another bump.
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    SOLD Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 (Silver) -SOLD

    Still available and price drop.
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    I've seen a couple for sale threads of the IER-Z1R going for 1200-1300USD. Is there anyone out there looking to get rid of a pair? If you are interested, I could offer up a pair of BGVP Art Magic V12 in a partial trade + cash for the Z1R's. Its not that I don't like the Art Magic V12's, they...