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  1. shadow84

    Recommended DAC to pair with Dayton DTA-120 amp

    I am thinking of getting Pioneer SP BS-22 speakers, along with Dayton DTA-120 amp.   Which DAC would be good enough? Budget around USD$100-$150 . Was thinking of Schiit Modi, but if the audioquest dragonfly usb DAC works as well, i dun mind getting.   Any recommendations?   Thanks.
  2. shadow84

    Mini Audio = iBasso??

    Saw this in jaben website :   The design of the amps look alike, for the T3 and T4.. even the wordings and picture for T3. Just that the positioning changed a bit.. Have iBasso changed their name or Mini Audio is trying to copy or...
  3. shadow84

    FA Eterna VS Hippo VB

    As per title, which is a better choice? currently listening to Kpop and Jpop in mostly FLAC format. Like bass, but would not want it to overpower the treble and clarity.