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    IC: Bencmark Dac-1 (Non-usb, Silver Front Panel)

    In 2005, I purchased the Benchmark Dac-1.  This version is black, but with a silver front panel.  The unit is in great condition, and I have the original box.  I ship from the Northeast, USA.   I am thinking of selling this to get funds to purchase the JH-3A system.  If you are interested...
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    IC: Graham Slee Solo (2007 Green Edition)

    In late 2007, I purchased the Graham Slee Solo Green Edition amplifier direct from Graham.  This version has the international SMPS power supply.  The unit comes in the standard configuration -- two RCA inputs, 1/4 inch headphone out, and a switch for the two inputs (or mute).  I have the...
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    What price point gives the most value for an amp? Experienced travellers wanted.

    This is an important question, but one that is almost impossible answer.  Everyone has his or her own personal preferences which make the question very subjective.  It is not just how much you value the amp, but also how much you value the money that you would use to purchase the amp.   In...
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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    mrarroyo: PM sent. By the way, I sent the amp off to online site Headphonista. So, expect another review! In addition, Kingrex mentioned that there was another reviewer interested.
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    "Invasion" of chinese products on ebay (DAC, amp etc)

    The question is really too broad. I think it depends on the specific manufacturer or seller. There are some good deals, some okay deals, and some junk -- probably like any other country!
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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Great review but ... Thanks for the comment mrarroyo. I have enjoyed reading a lot of your reviews. In particular, your comments on the Solo contributed a lot to my decision to purchase one. In my first, very brief audition, I did not...
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    $1 Million Cable Challenge Is On

    There's a lot of dishonesty in experiments and reporting statistical results. Even if cables did not make a difference, it would not be that hard to get a so-called statistically significant result. If you run an experiment a 100 separate times, you're going to have a pretty good chance that at...
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    $1 Million Cable Challenge Is On

    And "Fail to reject the null hypothesis" does not mean "Accept the null hypothesis". It's a very simple logical statement that A implies B is not equivalent to not A implies not B. There are all sorts of reasons why one may not get statistical evidence to reject the null hypothesis when...
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    I purchased a Headphile Senn cable from Todd. He shipped quickly, has great communication, and is a nice guy. Highly recommended.
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    Should We Have Ratings Of Headphone Amplifiers On This Site?

    I'd also say that head-fi shouldn't have a ratings system. 1. Putting a numerical value on amps isn't that informative. People have different personal tastes of what sounds good, different values of various features, different tolerances of different types of flaws, and so on. The ratings for...
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    6moons Review: PS Audio GCHA

    That was a really enjoyable review to read. Some questions... Normally people say that the HD-650's soundtage is much larger when driven by balanced amplifiers. Have you heard any balanced systems with the HD-650? And, if so, can you comment on how large the soundstage of the GCHA is...
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    Is this setup balanced?

    gerG is one head-fi member who has used a balanced source and two unbalanced amps to create a balanced system. You may find the discussion interesting: [click me]
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    Is this setup balanced?

    Assuming you have the cables hooked up properly, you can make a balanced system with a balanced source and two 'unbalanced' amps.
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    Best amp with balanced inputs for Sennheisers

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this -- but sft has a balanced dynalo listed for $800 + shipping.
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    M-Audio BX5a V.S. Swans M200

    For the bx5a, try You will need to add it to your cart to see the price.
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    M-Audio BX5a V.S. Swans M200

    I have the BX5a and they are quite nice -- they sound good and are solidly built. Even though they are certainly smaller than 8 inch bookshelves, they are quite a bit larger than your typical computer speaker. They also have some substantial weight. Now, I'm sure the dimensions and weight are...
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    Current impressions: Benchmark DAC-1 vs. Lavry DA10?

    This is a wildly entertaining thread. Here's my two cents: The design philosophies of the Dac-1 and DA-10 are different. Benchmark designed its dac to be as accurate as possible primarily by measuring as well as possible (under a variety of tests, some of which are rumored to be quite...
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    best dac now?

    I'll throw out some possibilities: Headroom MicroDac 300 Channel Island Dac 350 + optional PSU 150 RME ADI 500 I think the CI would be the most popular around here. MicroDac has the added bonus of portability. The ADI is 'jitter-resistant'.
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    Silverstone's DAC

    Wow, that's a nice find. I haven't heard the DAC, but I have a Silverstone fanless PSU and it is high quality -- very nicely designed. The product page for that DAC looks good.
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    The importance of a good PSU

    Quote: Originally Posted by iSleipnir .... If you have a 330watt psu that runs at 80% efficiency that means you have 264watts of actual power and 66watts generated into heat. The less heat generaed, the slower the fan can run and the quieter the whole thing will be. Anyway, thats my...
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    RSA The Hornet PICS? (56k Warning)

    Awesome toothpicks picture!
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    My pc wish list/what else do I need?

    You picked a 754 pin cpu, but a 939 pin motherboard. So, the CPU and the motherboard will not work together. AMD's 754 pin give single channel memory bus, while the 939 pin gives a dual channel memory bus. It's probably best to get the 939 set-up. Samsungs are generally quieter than Seagates...
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    So is the hammerfall hdsp 9632 > emu 1212m modded?

    The rme hdsp 9632 is reputed to be better than a modded emu-0404. And the lynx l22 is reputed to be better than a modded rme hdsp.
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    Why are headphone amps so costly?

    I just thought this quote from the candlepower link was funny: "There’s no earthly darkness the 80-watt high-powered H4 quartz halogen bulb cannot penetrate." I think some audio manufacturer should say "There is no silence we cannot fill with beautiful music."