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  1. jmills8

    Price Drop , Mint Final Audio D8000S Pro Edition Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Hello , Im selling my favorite headphone. Its in mint condition never took it outside and never took it out of my listening room. I have been testing , demoing , buying music gear since 1983 and this is hands down my favorite sounding headphone. So why am I selling it if its so great ? Change of...
  2. jmills8

    SOLD - Acoustic Research AR-M2 Dap For Sale , only used it for 2 hrs.

    Selling my acoustic research ar-m2 dap which was only used for 2 hours. Was planning to use in my office but things changed. I will pay 2nd day shipping. I will leave a 400 gig sd card inside. Top sounding dap plus it has a powerful internal amp.
  3. jmills8

    SOLD - , never detached cable , used 20 hours

    Hello , Im selling my mint Sony IER-Z1R IEM ONLY because Im using headphones. The Z1R is my top two iem perfect sound for every style of music. Reason for selling is laziness , its easier for me to throw on my full size headphone. Low hours used at home , full box , I will pay shipping.
  4. jmills8

    SOLD , Cayin N6II (A01) Mint w/free shipping

    Im selling my great N6II dap. Why ? , cause Im using a N8 at home and so I havnt had time to use the N6II. I only took it out once and only charged it five times. I have its complete box and everything inside. I will pay 2nd day shipping with DHL.
  5. jmills8

    SOLD , iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamp with MQA and DSD

    Hello , Im selling my lightly used great ifi Bl Amp. Only charged four times. I love it but I havnt had time to sit at home and use it. I will pay shipping through DHL. In box.
  6. jmills8

    SOLD Hifiman Red R2R dap mint

    Hello , I bought two Hifiman R2Rs and sounds great , but I will keep one. So selling the mint R2R Red. In its box with 256 gig sd card.
  7. jmills8

    Hardest and best Brutal Slam , Brutal Death Slam, Pig Squeals , Crickets, and , Guttural Music ?

    Looking for your favorites , mine are : Cephalotripsy , Cerebral Incubation , Abominable Putridity , Agonal Breathing , Defeated Sanity , Gorepot , and C**t Torch.
  8. jmills8

    Reviews vs Presentation

    A review is rare these days , but presentations are more common. From my understanding a review is finding what is good and what is wrong , writing some personal inputs , opinions. A review shouldnt just show a product like a Car Model which only states specs and uses words to push the product...
  9. jmills8

    WTB Headstage Arrow Amp, 5 series

    Im looking to buy an Arrow Bass heavy amp. Ill pay for shipping aswell. Thanks
  10. jmills8

    Audio gear reviewers, they write reviews in order to keep the hot chicks away ?

    The guys that choose to spend their free time alone to listen and write reviews they do this to avoid women ? Are women after them and what to take them away from listening to music ?
  11. jmills8

    SOLD - Colorfly U8 Dap (Mint)

    I bought two, so best sale one of them. I will pay shipping through DHL. In box , 64 gigs internal, can hold 256 gigs on sd card.
  12. jmills8

    SOLD - Fostex TH900 full Lawton mod (mint)

    Hello, I have a full Lawton TH900 in mint condition. Very low hrs of use due to that I usually listen on the go and I never took this th900 out. Ill say it has like 15 hrs of use. Ill pay for shipping.
  13. jmills8

    SOLD - Denon 7100 Mint

    For sale Denon 7100 in box in perfect condition. I will pay PP and shupping.
  14. jmills8

    SOLD - Fostex TH900 MKII (Lawton Level 1) Mint

    For Sale Mint TH900 MKII , Only 12 hrs at most of use. Perfect sound, perfect condition. Reason is I want a TH900 for on the go use. The MKII is a bit more bulky so best for in doors. Comes with everything, box, stand etc. Will trade for a mint TH900 MK1.
  15. jmills8

    SOLD - Cowon Plenue M with 128 gig SD card. price lowred

    Selling my Cowon Plenue M. Its in perfect condition. Really love it but I found a PM2 for sale and the only difference between them for me is storage. PM has 64 gigs internal and PM2 has 128 gigs. So for that silly reason Im selling the PM. I will pay shipping through DHL.
  16. jmills8

    SOLD - Sony MDR-Z1R Flagship Headphone (Price Drop)

    New, comes with everything, has 9 hrs of use.
  17. jmills8

    Mint Fostex TH900 MK1 (2 weeks old)

    Two weeks old TH900 MK1 , only 30 or so hours, comes with box, stand , cover. I had the cable shorten (2M) and put a 3.5 connection from Japan. Only reason I am selling is because I already have another TH900 so I want to sell this to fund mt Hugo 2 purchase. I will pay shipping.
  18. jmills8

    SOLD - Cowon P1 (8 month old)

    For Sale my Cowon P1 , mint condition, only used a few times with my amp. I am selling it to buy the new P2.
  19. jmills8

    Chord Hugo Black - Sale

    A couple of months old Black Chord Hugo. Great sounding, best sounding portable Amp/Dac. Only reason I am selling this great unit is to buy the upcoming Hugo 2. I will ship and pay for 2 day shipping.
  20. jmills8

    DHC Symbiote Fusion OCC Silver+Copper Litz IEM Cable

    One of my favorite cable, very flexible, huge sound stage deep clean sub bass, silky mids and detailed treble. Ill pay for express shipping.
  21. jmills8

    YY Pro Audio Tucana IEM Cable (2 pin, 3.5 connection)

    Selling one of my favorite cable of all time. Great cable has a huge sound stage, pushes the bass deep to the sub bass and has aanalog sound. This cable gives some sparkle to the Treble. Reason for sale is simple, I bought a 2K cable so no time to use this cable. This cryo-treated stranded OCC...
  22. jmills8

    Headstage Arrow 5TX Bass Enhanced Amp/Dac, with ALO $245 Interconnector

    For Sale, New Headstage Arrow 5TX Bass Enhanced Amp/Dac With an ALO Reference Connector cable worth $245.
  23. jmills8

    Price Drop JVC HA-SZ2000 (only used for 2 Hours)

    For sale JVC HA-SZ2000. Only used once. Selling cause its too heavy for my neck, I have a slip neck bone. Great sound great bass.
  24. jmills8

    Cowon Plenue M

    For Sale my Cowon Plenue M. In great condition only charged it six times. Comes with its box and Leather case. Price Drop.