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  1. dizzyorange

    Little Dot Mk VI balanced amplifier, as-is

    I'm selling my Little Dot Mk VI, a fully balanced tube amplifier.  I'm selling the amplifier "as-is" at a greatly reduced asking price, but please read the following carefully.   1. First, this is a Mk VI, not a Mk VI+.  The Mk VI+ adds quieter fans and a single-ended output.  This version...
  2. dizzyorange

    WTB: Little Dot Mk VI power tubes

    I'm looking for power tubes for the Little Dot Mk VI amplifier if anyone has any they're not using.  I believe they are the 6080WC, also known as 6AS7G, 5998, 6H13c, etc...  I would be interested in both stock and aftermarket tubes. 
  3. dizzyorange

    Yaqin CD3 tube buffer

    I'm selling my Yaqin CD3 tube buffer.  I bought it new from the Canadian distributor for Yaqin.  I've owned it for about a month and a half.  It's in perfect condition, exactly as new.  The tubes have about 100 hours on them.     I enjoyed the sound of this buffer quite a bit, the stock tubes...
  4. dizzyorange

    Halide DAC HD review and comparison to irDAC, D1050, Dragonfly, Explorer

    I've been enjoying this little DAC for a few weeks now. I first became interested in it after Stereophile gave it a Class A recommendation. For a while it was it by far the cheapest Class A source component they had on their list. Recently I decided to order one—and let me warn you here that...
  5. dizzyorange

    Yaqin SD-CD3 mod

    First, I'm not sure if this post is against the rules of this forum.  If it is, please remove it!   I did read the rules post but I didn't see anything specific on this.   I am wondering if any DIYer has a bit of free time and wouldn't mind helping me mod my Yaqin SD-CD3. I am not...
  6. dizzyorange

    KEF LS50 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Review

    Now that my KEF LS50s have about 50 hours of burn-in, I wanted to give some brief impressions.     First a very short bit of introduction: The LS50s were created by KEF to celebrate their 50th anniversary. They were Stereophile's Product of the Year in the 2013.  They are listed at $1500.  ...
  7. dizzyorange

    Dali Zensor 3

    Has anyone heard these?  Thinking of getting a pair.  Maybe pair them with an NAD 3020 D.  What do you guys think.
  8. dizzyorange

    Audioengine A2 Black

    I bought this pair from fellow head-fier "greagreas" in 2012.  These were used in a non-smoking household with no pets or children.  They're in excellent condition and sound great.  The power adapter, stereo cable, and speaker wire are included.   BONUS: Audioengine's own DS1 speaker stands...
  9. dizzyorange

    Is 80% of "hi-fi" just EQ?

    My hi-fi journey has evolved in ups and downs, back and forth from believer to skeptic.  Recently since discovering the sound science forum I feel more informed than ever.  But also more skeptical in a lot of ways.  I'm starting to believe a great deal of we call "hi-fi" is just EQ.  Given that...
  10. dizzyorange

    Why do some bands release the exact same songs on EPs as their albums?

    EPs are a real mystery to me.  Are there any musicians or people in the music industry here that can shed some light on why exactly bands release EPs?  I can understand it if there are actually new songs on an EP, like if an artist has a theme they want to explore but it isn't long enough for an...
  11. dizzyorange

    My gripe with replaygain (foobar)

    I play tracks on shuffle so replaygain is a necessity, but I find it "overcompensates".  For example, heavy metal will be very quiet and then a soft acoustic track will be overwhelmingly loud.  I want some volume equalization, but I still want tracks are supposed to be loud to be loud, and...
  12. dizzyorange

    Currently popular artist that you can't stand?

    Which (currently popular, 2012 or 2013) artist do you really really dislike?  Give a brief reason why too.  This is just for fun so obviously don't take offense at anything anyone else has written.  Mine is Arcade Fire - they make me fall asleep almost instantly.
  13. dizzyorange

    nightcore recommendations

    Post your nightcore favorites!  Here's one of mine:  
  14. dizzyorange

    I'm bummed :(

    I'm bummed :(.  I did an ABX test and was able to get 15/15 on 2 songs between FLAC and V0.  The songs I used were Vienna Teng - City Hall and Animals As Leaders - CAFO.  My equipment is just my motherboard audio (Realtek ALC898) speaker output to a pair of Audioengine A2 desktop speakers.  The...
  15. dizzyorange

    Which Jimi Hendrix album should I get next?

    My collection currently includes:   Are You Experienced? Axis: Bold As Love Electric Ladyland Blues Valleys of Neptune People, Hell and Angels Live at Woodstock Blue Wild Angel - Live at the Isle of Wight     Can anyone suggest what to get next?  
  16. dizzyorange

    Styrofoam as speaker stand

    I needed to lift some AudioEngine A5's off of the desk and ended up wrapping two blocks of styrofoam with electrical tape to use as temporary stands until I could make some from wood.  I was really impressed with how the speakers sounded on the styrofoam but attributed it to lifting the speakers...
  17. dizzyorange

    WTB Yuin PK3

    WTB Yuin PK3 earbuds
  18. dizzyorange

    FS: Klipsch Image X10 like-new

    Up for sale are 2-month old Klipsch Image X10 IEM's in excellent condition. All the tips, accessories, and both carry cases are included, will ship in original packaging. Best bass I've ever heard in an IEM, gonna miss these but need funds for customs. The original invoice is included, so you...
  19. dizzyorange

    WTB: ibuds

    Anybody got some ibuds lying around that they're not using? I need a pair for the gym. I'll pay $9 shipped to NJ. If you have two pairs, I'll take them both for $15. In UNUSED condition, and the newer design, please (the older design doesn't fit my ear as well). Thanks!
  20. dizzyorange

    WTB: Stethoscope

    Does anyone have a stethoscope they may wish to sell? In particular, by any extremely rare chance does anyone have a Littman Cardio I or Cardio II (NOT III or II SE)? I would also be interested in other stethoscopes. In decent condition please, some wear is okay if it does not affect...
  21. dizzyorange

    Stethoscope for cardiology

    Has anyone had firsthand experiences with both the Littman Cardio III and the Welch Allyn Harvey Elite? These seem to be the two most commonly recommended stethoscopes. Most people at my school have the Littman, but rumors are that it has muddy bass. Does anyone who's tried both have an...
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  23. dizzyorange

    Dying to hear the DX1000..

    This is a long shot, but is any head-fier (all 6 of them that own the DX1000) willing to let me borrow it for a one week audition? Obviously I'd pay insured shipping both ways, provide a deposit for the retail price of the cans, and even pay a small "borrower's" fee if necessary. And I...
  24. dizzyorange

    Wtb: 6sn7/6sl7

    Anyone have some 6SN7/6SL7 tubes they'd like to sell? I'm looking, generally, for nicer varieties. And a bonus if they can't be easily found on ebay.
  25. dizzyorange

    Juno - not overrated?

    I went to see the movie expecting very little, after hearing from a few buddies that it was the most overrated thing since Derek Jeter. And.. you know what.. it's the best movie I've seen in years. What a rare film it is these days that is funny without absurdism and touching without...