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  1. intoflatlines

    Headphone amps in Hong Kong

    My girlfriend is traveling to Hong Kong for business. She has suggested that I find something for her to buy from there. I have been out of the headphone market for a couple years now, so I have no idea what's good out there.   My current headphones are a UE TF10 (molded into a custom IEM)...
  2. intoflatlines

    Traveling to Hong Kong.. ideas for shopping?

    My girlfriend is going to Hong Kong for business and asked me if I had any good ideas about things to buy over there.. Thoughts?
  3. intoflatlines

    Fantasy Football 2011

    Anyone interested in forming/joining a league?
  4. intoflatlines

    Help me pick a watch

    I got my Bachelor's degree last week, and my aunt wants to get me a watch as part of a graduation gift. She wants to keep the price to ~$500 (preferably less). I am have an allergy to metals containing nickel, so it looks like a titanium watch would be best. Also, I heard that sapphire is more...
  5. intoflatlines

    Westone ES5

    I tried them this weekend at CanJam and they were amazing. I want a pair!   Anyone else have thoughts about these new customs?   edit: I guess I should put my brief impressions.. Compared to TF10 customs (since I did compare side by side with them): I felt like it had amazing bass...
  6. intoflatlines

    Help picking a banjo please

    Hello Head-Fiers! It is my Dad's birthday soon (today) and "the kids" and I have been desperately trying to figure out something to get for him. He loves stringed instruments and has several high end steel string acoustics, mandolins, etc. but he does not yet have a banjo. Because of this, I...
  7. intoflatlines

    Help me pick an entry level suspension fork

    Hello Head-Fiers. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology, as I am not very knowledgeable about biking. I am looking to upgrade my suspension fork in my bike, as the current one that came stock is pretty terrible and has lost a lot of its "stiffness". I would like to keep it as cheap as...
  8. intoflatlines

    Fantasy Baseball 2010

    It's free! With spring training just a few weeks away, signups for the third season of Head-Fi Fantasy Baseball (Yahoo Fantasy) is underway. Head-to-Head scoring! Click here to join! Pass: hf Last season we only had 6 teams due to short notice, which made it less competitive and less...
  9. intoflatlines

    Klipsch Image X5 - $149 at

    Gold Box deal of the day. Not sure if it's a good price but that's how I got my TF10! Amazon
  10. intoflatlines

    What is your favorite sipping tequila?

    As the title asks, what is your favorite sipping tequila? I'm no wine and spirits authority, but I do enjoy a nice smooth tequila. The only tequila I've ever bought for sipping is Patrón Añejo and I like it very much. I know there's got to be better stuff out there that isn't insanely expensive...
  11. intoflatlines

    Which UE custom is most like the 10

    I remember reading that the TF10 is basically the UE-10 in universal fit but how about the UE-7?
  12. intoflatlines

    InEarZ (Fisher Hearing) Custom Remold Owner's Thread

    The old thread had 1000+ posts and a large portion was speculation, so I thought I'd start a new thread for owners of IEMs reshelled by InEarZ to post pics and impressions. I hope to get my custom TF10 in next week and I will edit this post when they arrive. So, InEarZ owners: post your pics...
  13. intoflatlines

    Does the "clear" Westone Elite cable oxidize?

    My old stock clear UE cable oxidized and turned green. My newer UE custom clear cable did the same. How does the Westone clear cable hold up?
  14. intoflatlines

    Menu bar on the right?

    Did anyone else's menu bar just switch over to the right?
  15. intoflatlines

    Why am I so terrible at Madden 10?

    I get destroyed anytime I play online. I haven't won an online game yet. If you've got skills, please teach me! PS3 version by the way.
  16. intoflatlines

    Anyone know where to start with a CRT TV repair?

    I have a CRT TV that started acting up a few days after a power outage. The audio is basically non-functional (no static, no cracking, no sound at all, although sometimes it cuts in for a few seconds every once in awhile) and the component video input is all scrambled. Also, it only responds to...
  17. intoflatlines

    Bicycle lighting

    Back before I got my driver's license I used to ride my bike constantly. I've decided I need more physical activity in my life so I am going to start biking again. This would involve everything from biking the short distance to work to long (in my opinion) rides of ~25-50 miles. For now, I won't...
  18. intoflatlines

    Question for you meteorologists

    When looking at a radar map what's the difference between velocity: storm relative and velocity: base? Which would be more useful for looking for hook echo type stuff?
  19. intoflatlines

    Costco or Sam's Club

    I would like to buy a membership to one of these discount shopping clubs, or whatever you call them, and I'm wondering what experience you Head-Fi'ers have had with either company. I live in Chicago and Costco and Sam's Club are the only two that I'm aware of in the area, but if there's others...
  20. intoflatlines

    Help wiring SPDT switch as SPST

    I am following the directions at Guitar Wiring Site to wire my humbucker/single/single with a switch for split and a switch for series/parallel. On hand I have a DPDT on/on switch for series/parallel and a SPDT on/on switch. However, the site calls for a SPST on/on switch for the split. How can...
  21. intoflatlines

    Are UE Custom cables directly compatible with UE series?

    Since UE is out of stock on their standard cables (clear) I decided to get the UE custom cables, since I heard they were better quality. They have the same plug and everything, right? I won't have to file/cut anything to make it fit my 5 Pro?
  22. intoflatlines

    DIY guitar effects switch?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to build a DIY version of something like this: octaswitch news I have (kind of) a basic idea of what I need to do to start, but there are a few things I don't know how to do. - What do I need other than an enclosure, footswitches, jacks for all the effects...
  23. intoflatlines

    Replacement cable for SF5 Pro

    After a year and a couple months the cable to my SF5 Pro has started to go out on me. It's shorting out on the left side. I know it's the cable because I switch the drivers and the problem is on the same side of the cable. I know that in the past people have recommended the Westone ES...