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  1. Destroysall

    Schiit Modi 1 ~ USB version

    Selling a used Schiit Modi 1, USB version, for $70+s/h. We can discuss payment method via PM, so please contact me if interested. The unit does not include any cables. It does have one small scratch from the previous owner, but it does not affect it's performance at all. I received this item...
  2. Destroysall

    Schiit Modi USB

    It is the US USB first generation Schiit Modi. I would like to trade for the Optical Schiit Modi, though if I sell this, that's fine too. Cheers, Chris
  3. Destroysall

    Marantz 2220B vintage receiever

    Hello everyone!   So I am interesting in selling my vintage Marantz 2220B receiver. I'm going to be upgrading my entire audio setup and decided that while I like the 2220B a lot, I will probably not be using it as much as I use to. I will post more updated pics soon, but it has been a bit...
  4. Destroysall

    Arizona Head-Fi Meet Summer 2015

    Hey folks! So the last meet was without a doubt a huge success! Thanks again to all that were generous to help out. This is to start discussion on a possible date, venue change, etc. Let's make the next one just as fun as the last!    Cheers!
  5. Destroysall

    Trade some Denon D2000 for DT990?

    Hi everyone. Don't have a picture yet, will upload one later. I know it seems like a silly deal to ask for, but I thought why not?   I am looking for a possible trade of my DT990 600 Ω headphones for a pair of Denon D2000 headphones. They have Custom One Pro pads on them, and personally I...
  6. Destroysall

    Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 25th, 2014 - Impressions Thread

     Heya, post your impressions from the AZ Head-Fi meet here. Pictures will be uploaded soon on my behalf. Share some of yours if you so wish to as well.   Cheers!
  7. Destroysall

    Arizona Head-Fi Meet: October 25th, 2014

    Hello everybody! So after countless amounts of failed efforts and being held back by the heavy chains of life, it's time we step back from reality and hold a Head-Fi meet. We will be meeting on Saturday, October 25th. DETAILS BELOW.   Location:   Harmon Library 1325 S. 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ...
  8. Destroysall

    FiiO E10 DAC/Headphone amplifier (1st Generation)

    Hi! I am looking to trade or sell my 1st generation FiiO E10. Will consider all trades but would prefer an OTL amp. Will include some extra cash on my part as well!   My only note to make here on this product is that the headphone port has a bit of a wobble to it, but otherwise it is a great...
  9. Destroysall

    Which Schiit amplifier for Beyerdynamic DT 990/600 Ω?

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers; it's been a long while since I've created a thread such as this. I am currently looking to switch over to either the Schiit Magni or the Vali from my HiFiMAN EF2A headphone amplifier so I can properly have my Beyerdynamic DT 990/600 Ω sufficiently powered. Any...
  10. Destroysall

    PRICE LOWERED: HiFiMAN EF2A headphone amplifier

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers,   The unit is in decent condition, minus a little dust. The HiFiMAN EF2A comes installed with the Mullard CV4010 tubes, will include the original as well. No cables other than the EF2A's power adapter will be included.   If this ad is still around, the item is...
  11. Destroysall

    Coloured vinyl vs black vinyl pressings?

    Is there really a difference in sound quality? I've always been curious on this topic and based on some small research, most conclude coloured vinyl to be just a novelty. What do you guys think?
  12. Destroysall

    AZ Winter 2013 Meet: A Round 2 in the same year

    EDIT: NOVEMBER 23rd IS THE SET DATE FOR OUR NEXT MEET!!!!! →   So our last meeting was without a doubt successful.  It was a tad unfortunate that things did end a bit earlier than expected (my most sincerest apologies to Andolink...
  13. Destroysall

    AZ Summer 2013 Meet Impressions

    UPDATE: LINK TO NEXT MEET THREAD -->   So welcome to the Summer 2013 impressions thread, fellow Arizonians!  Please share your impressions and maybe even photos here.  
  14. Destroysall

    AZ Head-Fi Meet, JULY 13th!!!

    Hello fellow Arizonians! Our next meet is this upcoming weekend: Saturday, July 13th!! It is finally going to happen!! Location: Burton Barr Central Library in downtown Phoenix. Meeting Room B.  Ask for "Head-Fi Meet" at Customer Service desk. The room is, however, to the right (near the...
  15. Destroysall

    foobar2000 Converter

    Hello all,   My question is in regards to the converter tool within foobar2000. Does it provide accurate conversion with no loss in quality? I did try it by converting some 24-bit/96kbps FLAC files to AIFF and it converted successfully without any errors according to its error report. Thus I...
  16. Destroysall

    Audioengine USA P4 Passive Bookshelf Speakers...for a Home Theater?

    Anybody use these puppies for a 5.1/7.1 Home Theater setup?   I do plan on either grabbing these (or the A2's) for my desktop computer setup, but I'm curious to know how they would work in a home theater setup...
  17. Destroysall

    Should I find a better copy or what?

    Hello all,   I've been doing some reading here and there on Jazz masterpiece "Kind of Blue" from Miles Davis.  I do have a CD copy that I purchased from a local Wal-Mart years ago.  I have heard that the Legacy Edition is better in quality, and wanted to know if I should go ahead and grab...
  18. Destroysall

    A worthy upgrade?

    I have this old Panasonic SC-AK520 "Mini System" 2.1 set that I had laying around and have been using them for a while now as Computer Speakers.  I loved them since I got them!  The sound stage is very nice and instrument separation is decent as well (could be a tad better, but I can live...
  19. Destroysall

    Re-rip to ALAC?

    Almost all my music files are in .AIFF format (Apple's alternative to .WAV).  Should I re-rip my music into ALAC format?  Is there any loss in SQ or anything at all?
  20. Destroysall

    Good upgrade from HD280 Pro?

      The Ultrasone HFI-580 I had I decided to give to my brother and he gave me his HD280 Pro because I needed something with good isolation for studio class and to me these had way better isolation.  I don't really want to go off and buy another pair of HFI-580s since I can always trade back...
  21. Destroysall

    Now back in this loop hole...

    Okay, now I did start a previous thread down in the Computer Audio section of these forums, and while I was "fixed" on the Sennheiser HD 555s, I was suggested the Superlux HD 668B w/AKG Velour Replacement Pads.  Both of these headphones like good choices, but I also been looking at the Ultrasone...
  22. Destroysall

    Want to upgrade, but can't choose what?!

    Hello all!     I've been looking to upgrade from my old and current standard audio configuration, and while I have a few upgrade possilibities in mind, I'm still having trouble settling on one.  I primarily listen to music (metal, rock, pop, electronica, classical) and watch...
  23. Destroysall

    Want to upgrade, but can't choose what?!

    Hello all!     I've been looking to upgrade from my old and current standard audio configuration, and while I have a few upgrade possilibities in mind, I'm still having trouble settling on one.  I primarily listen to music (metal, rock, pop, electronica, classical) and watch...