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    Review: Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 Audio Amplifier Review (Kingrex HQ-1)

    The Kingrex Headquarters HQ-01 is a headphone amplifier unit that retails for about $895. It is single ended, solid state, and two case design. I have listened extensively to a review sample for the past three or so months. In my opinion, the unit compares well to the Graham Slee Solo and is...
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    upgrading dac-1 amp...

    I currently own a recent version of the benchmark dac-1 and the hd-650, and was wondering whether its worthwhile for me to upgrade to a stand alone amp. I've mostly been using the dac-1 amp with stock cable. For a few months, I listened exclusively via a balanced headphile senn cable directly...
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    New pictures of supermacro-3 v5

    It looks like the latest revision for Xin's supermacro-3 is coming along well. Here's a link to some nice looking pictures. I never thought a quarter could look so huge!