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  1. YngwieJMalmsteen

    "How £1,000 headphones are made: A Sennheiser factory tour"

    How £1,000 headphones are made: A Sennheiser factory tour - Crave at CNET UK Hi everybody! Don't have much time to read the forums anymore (and none to post!) with school taking up all of time but I stumbled onto this cool photo tour of the HD 800 being manufactured and didn't see a thread on...
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    make the noises stop!

    There is another possibility which I just discovered quite unfortunately myself. Some "Draft n" wireless adapters cause a general stuttering in all audio (and video) unless you install "Marvell - Network - Wireless-N USB Network Adapter" from windows update. The other thing you should try is...
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    K701 or DT880s?? Your Vote goes to...

    My main headphones are the older 880's with a straight cable. I've been borrowing the 701's for a couple days now. Both great headphones with more similarities than differences. However, I have to give it to the AKGs over-all. They have a touch more refinement, a little more upper bass and...
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    Dungeons and Dragons

    I miss those carefree innocent summers with my D&D buddies (used to play 2nd edition). One of them just got a masters in CS from Cornell and another is at Duke medical school. If our incredibly small sample size is any indication your son likely has a very bright future luckybaer.
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    where to host a folder for free

    First of all you need to .zip or .rar them. It'll be way smaller and then you'll have only one file. has no registration but only allows 5 dl's. requires registration to upload but has unlimited dl's. Alternatively, you could just mass email them in a series of...
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    Are North Face jackets worth the $$?

    Firstly I must preface this that I have never owned any "high-end" outerwear, or anything by the north face. Seriously though, TNF backpacks are ridiculously trendy right now and I can't stand it. I see more TNF backpacks around college than jansports, a monopoly I thought jansport would hold...
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    The 'one word headphone review' game

    DT 880 - Airy HF-1 - Quaint HD280 - Tight KSC-75 - Miraculous 5Pro - Noisy
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    For folks who have dealt with broken ipods...

    I'm trying to figure out whats wrong with this ipod my friend wanted me to load up for him. Its a 10gig 3g. When I try to start it up the drive spins but its kinda loud and high pitched (much more so than my 4g photo at least), after about 8 seconds of the apple logo on the screen and drive...
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    Wikipedia Chokes on Grado Entry

    I fixed a couple of things that were incorrect, but it would take a lot more work for it not to look like an advertisement anymore. Grado's nomenclature is a little hard to follow. I was going to put hyphens between all the RS-1, RS-2, HF-1, and PS-1s, as they are written on the phones...
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    Nacho Libre or Click?

    click = 6.7 nacho = 6.0 Neither of which could really be considered a good rating. I thought nacho had some pretty funny moments but never really went anywhere or did anything that would cause one to call it a "good" movie. I'm a big JB fan though, I can't wait for "The Pick of Destiny."
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    How to record in stereo with 1212M?

    Quote: Originally Posted by CSMR Er, surely not. Doesn't the balanced input record the difference between the positive and negative inputs? (The ground would be there then just... as a ground.) AFAIK they can be run balanced, (so each TRS is -, +, ground) or unbalanced (so each...
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    Why is fedex so expensive?

    Because UPS is so damn bad?
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    Just Bought an iMac!!

    Yeah, windows auto-defrags in the background, too. I have it turned off though because its slows things down, and if your computer happens to crash while its writing the master file table, you're screwed. I really need to use a macbook in person before I would consider buying it. Basically...
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    Anyone still playing the GBASP?

    When I do play video games, its mostly for the purpose of nostalgia so my retro styled GBA SP is perfect. I have the whole zelda series, river city ransom, most of the other nes classics. I'm thinking about getting a micro when they drop the price just to have a real headphone out.
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    Just Bought an iMac!!

    A couple questions from a pc user. What browser do you guys use? Is FireFox available? Does anybody have any idea what the specs of the lcd on the macbook are? What are the contrast ratio, response time, bit depth, etc. Does apple publish these or what? How upgradable are macs...
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    What is the most forgiving smooth warm full sounding amp? :D

    Why not get the micro amp? It's definitely smooth, warm, and full sounding, plus you get portability and crossfeed. If you listen to a lot of older music (like older than 1980) you need crossfeed. Plus if your budget ever does allow it would easy to add the micro dac. If you've got the...
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    Is anyone "unhappy" with their 5 Pro?

    Sound-wise they're ok, the extra bass makes it sound a little like they've got a blanket over them, but they're listenable. My main problem with them is that there's a ton of noise without the attenuator with everything I've ever plugged them into. So yeah, I kinda wish I'd sent them back.
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    Wired article: "Audiophiles Become Ipodiophiles"

    Even contains quotes from our very own VinnieR and the man himself Wes Phillips.,7090...?tw=wn_index_2
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    very quick question about *old* model DT880

    Excellent choice of setup! I find the micro's extra bit of warmth keeps the 880's from feeling too dry or emphasizing the treble peak. And the soundstage w/crossfeed... YOWZA! Extremely speaker-like is all I can say.
  20. YngwieJMalmsteen

    Super Fi 5 Pro, attenuator

    I'm having the same problem. I normally use them out of an ipod photo, which has crazy amounts of hiss without the attenuator. But I've also tried them with my coda amp, the hornet (on low gain), a couple pcdps, a couple receivers, a gameboy, radios, etc. Everything has hiss. I'd be interested...
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    HeadRoom's DT880 frequency chart

    Yeah, it's the new one. Here's the old one for reference: New one: Wrap your mind around this one...
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    Costumes for Dogs? Just remember... I warned you.
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    Accoustic Guitar Recomendations

    Ooh, Sandy Bull, Inventions, I got that one on vinyl. Carmina Burana on the banjo... oh yeah, he went there. Anywho here's a few more reco's. Don Ross Chet Atkins Muddy Waters Lightnin Hopkins Skip James Django Reinhardt California Guitar Trio Acoustic Alchemy Pierre Bensusan Phil...
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1. beyer DT 880 2. Grado HF-1 3. UE 5Pro 4. Sennheiser HD280 5. Sony MDR-V400