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  1. El Zilcho

    Oppo PM-3 Vs. HD600

    I've been looking to get some new headphones for a while now, and was basically set on the PM-3.  Was waiting for a check to come in for something I sold before I let myself spend that much on headphones (no particular reason for that, just a psychological thing).  Now that I received it, I'm...
  2. El Zilcho

    Worthwhile Upgrade?

    I have a heck of a time making decisions.  I have been planning on buying a set of good (that's a very loose term, I know) headphones for a while now, and I think I even know which pair I want.  The problem is, I have been thinking about it for weeks and can't make up my mind to pull the trigger...
  3. El Zilcho

    Cord/Cable Noise IEMs

    Hello, new guy with some questions.  I don't suppose anyone needs my back story, but I'll answer questions if anyone is curious.   Suffice it to say, I'm trying to start listening to music more, and I'm trying to get setup with some things.  I got a new DAP last night and now I'm on the hunt...