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  1. farfly

    Schiit Asgard2, Matrix M-stage or ifi iCan?

    Hi, i just want upgrade my portable amp(arrow 4g) to a desktop amp, i have tohugh about these three. -Schiit Asgard2 -Matrix M-stage -Ifi iCan I wan a warm amp, neutral but the bass needs to be present. The headphones im going to use it are Denon D2000 and Fidelio x1, and Sony mdr1r, but this...
  2. farfly

    My first budget full size amp(im between o2,e9k and schiit magni)

    Hi, i have been using an iphone with an arrow a long time and its quite nice but today i tryed a fiio e9 and i was blown away with the space/air and detail the e9 gives me, the sound is much bigger. I consider the e9 better than the arrow in some areas. So im considering to get a full size...
  3. farfly

    Complement for Denon D2000

    Hi, today, after trying an at ad900x, im sure that i need something closed with more bass impact. I already have a pair of denon d2000 which i find excellent for modern music with a lot of bass, but i fint the mids too recessed and the highs piercing, so basically what im searching for a...
  4. farfly

    Are ad900x or ma900 an upgrade from HD598?

    Hi, i already have Hd25,mdr1r and Denon D2000, so i think i have enought closed cans, so im looking to upgrade my Hd598, i listen to all kind of music(usually pop and trance), i need an all rounder(for basshead music i have the closed cans), the sound i like is spacious, forward mids, decent...
  5. farfly

    Vsonic gr07 mk2, jvc fxt90 or yamaha eph-100 for electronic music?

    Hi, im looking for a pair of dynamic iems for on the go, i actually have a pair of westone um3x, and i love it, but i want something with more soundstage, something that sounds bigger, i like powerfull bass with good subbass(something like denond d2000), i usually listen to Electronic music and...
  6. farfly

    E11, Cmoybb or t3 for hd598 and d2k?

    Hi, tomorrow i will get a pair of denon d2k, and now im looking for an amp for it. My budget is 90$, i actually have a soundmagic a10 which i like a lot but i think is not very powerfull, and that is what i want. I find these 3 amps, fiio e11, ibasso t3 and cmoybb, i think the cmoy is the most...
  7. farfly

    Best cans under 400$

    Hi, i would like to buy a new pair of headphones, i already have a pair of westone um3x and sennheiser hd25 for portable, and a pair of hd598 for home, now i want a closed headphone to use at home, i need something to feel an upgrade from hd598, i usually listen to electonic music, but 80% of...
  8. farfly

    Sony a865 have volume cap?

    Hi, i have a sony a828, the sound of this player is awesome for me, but it has only 8gb, and the battery is so bad, now im looking for another player which have nice battery. I see the new sony a865 and it is beautiful, but i think the sq improvement wont be very high, can someone compare this...
  9. farfly

    Best amp for sennheiser HD 598 up to 200$

    Hi, i have just bought a sennheiser hd 598 because the last week i tryed it in a shop, i liked a lot his sound, but i hink they were conected to an amp; I have a soundmagic a10 amp, which usually adds more bass to the headphones, but i dont know if it will be enought to amp a hd598, so now im...
  10. farfly

    Sennheiser hd 598 doubt

    Hi, i would like to buy a headphone for chrismas, i already have sennheiser hd25 and westone um3x, which i love, but now i am looking for a open headphone with more soundstage, i like pronounced vocals and punchy bass, but not boomy, the last week i tryed a pair of sennheiser hd598 and they...
  11. farfly

    Need advice, denon d2000 or top tier universal iem?

    Hi, i would like to buy a headphone or in ear, i only want sound quality, i already have sennheiser hd25 and super fi 5, would be d2k a big upgrade from those two? I tryed westone um3x and i liked a lot, how is this compared to d2k? Could a top tier iem compare to d2k? Thanks and regards
  12. farfly

    Upgrade from hd25 for electronic music

    Hi, i have a pair of hd25 and i love how they sound, punchy bass and forward vocals, but i need something with more soundtage or less thin sound, i only hear electronic music, maximun price should be 350-400usd, i were searching and i found this models: ultrasone hfi-780(which people say are...
  13. farfly

    Westone um3x or triplefi?

    Hello, i want to buy a high end iem, i tryed westone um3x(i also tryed sm3, se530 and mtpc) and i liked it a lot(um3x), i like his forward sound signature, they are for 300€, but now i see in amazon i can get triplefi for just 200€, im allways listen to electronic music, the fit is not a big...
  14. farfly

    Hd25 vs ie8

    Hello, i cannot decide between thease 2 headphones, i have super fi 5 and i love them, a few days ago i went to a shop and i heard the hd25 and i liked a lot and i have enought money to buy it, but im really interested in the sennheiser ie8, they seems to be very good, A few questions , are ie8...
  15. farfly

    Upgrade from Super fi 5 for max 160€(220$)

    hello, i bought 1 month ago a pair of shure srh750dj and i lkie it, for home are perfect, but now i would like to improve my street equip, i have super fi 5 and i really love their sound, but i would like to buy something to feel the diference. Im thinking in sennheiser hd25 which i try in a...
  16. farfly

    Will a fiio e5 improve the sound of my shure srh750dj

    Hello, i bought this headphones yesterday, and i love his sound, very powerfull sound, but i feel the vocals a little reccesed, I think i need to burn it about 50 hours, How much this headphone improve with burn(50 hours?)?, and a second question, will a fiio e5 improve the sound of this...
  17. farfly

    Audio Technica M50 or Shure SRH750dj for electonic music?

    Well, after much looking and studying Im between these two models: -Audio Technica M50: 115 € -Shure SRH750DJ: 90 € I've read to many people in favor of m50 and others say the shure are better, so its hard to Decide, I love electronic music, and i think both are good for that, i like bass, but...
  18. farfly

    Help me, i cant decide

    Hellow, i have an ue super fi 4 and i love it,it sound is perfect for me, but now i see in the ue super fi 5 at a good price, but do you think the superfi 5 are much better than 4? Thanks
  19. farfly

    How good is Ultimate ears Superfi 4?

    Hellow i would like to change my headphones, i have a Sennheiser cx500 and it sounds good but i would like to improve them, i find in a shop a Ultimate ears Superfi 4, and i would like to know if this are much better than the cx 500, thanks and sorry , im spanish and my english is not very good.