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  1. durden

    Durable IEM

    +1 for Meelectronics. I have a pair of their 151s and had an issue with the housing on the left iem. One call, without issue, they sent me a brand new pair, free of charge, free return shipping. The M6 is on my short list for when I'm in need of a new set of IEM's.
  2. durden

    ATH-M30X Or 681-Evo

    I looked over both of the Takstar and Gemini, both seem to be decent cans. But I came across a deal on the ATH-M30X on Amazon - I was able to get them for $54.99 through a seller that was offering a discount code. I jumped and grabbed them as that's the best price I've ever seen for them...
  3. durden

    Replacement pads for Audio Technica ath-m30x. BD edt-250V?

    Bump as I'm interested in replacement pads for the ATH-M30X as well...
  4. durden

    ATH-M30X Or 681-Evo

    Hey guys. So I have narrowed down my new pair of budget headphones to the Audio-tecnica ATH-M30X or the Superlux 681-Evo. I know that they're somewhat similar in price. But when it comes to the quality of their sound, build and overall value, I am not sure which to get. Can you please give me...
  5. durden

    New on ear headphones

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  6. durden

    New on ear headphones

    Hey guys. I'm looking at moving into the on ear realm of headphones. All through college, I was into IEM's and got excellent recommendations from you all as to what set would best suit my taste. So I'm looking at something around $50 US, on Amazon (as I have gift cards to spend). I listen to...
  7. durden

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Exactly what I need... Pleather pads? The Evo comes with foam too. Which should I use?
  8. durden

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Thanks Arsis... That's what I've been leaning towards, especially since I'll be using them at home while working, comfort is a big deal for me.
  9. durden

    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    Hey guys. I'm currently looking for a budget pair of cans. I'm considering the PRODJ100 and the Superlux HD-681 Evo. Both seem like excellent value for their price/sound quality. Any input for which I should grab?
  10. durden

    Budget cans, need help

    Bumping for any input. After further research, I'm highly considering the Superlux HD-681 Evo. From what I've read, the price and quality of sound seem to meet right where I want. Input?
  11. durden

    Budget cans, need help

    Hey guys. I've been a fan of IEM's for quite some time now. My first major purchase was the hi-fi man RE0s, which are still amazing for how long I've had them. Now I am working from home and am looking for a budget pair of headphones to enjoy without needed the isolation of IEM's. I've been...
  12. durden

    MEElectronics A151 Review

    Most detailed review of the A151's thus far. Well done...   Pretty sure these are my next set...
  13. durden

    Best IEMs for $50 on Amazon?

    I've been heavily considering the MeElec's A151's as a replacement for my broken RE0's   From those that I have talked to and the amazing reviews on Head-Fi, they seem to be one of the better matches for my taste and in my price range. I am limited to Amazon as well and they are a steal...
  14. durden

    Help me choose sub $100

    Quote: Just to throw this out there...Be wary of purchasing RE0's off of Amazon. I got my pair roughly two years ago and just in the past couple of weeks, the left side cut out completely. From what I understand, this is not this first time this has happened from RE0's  with this seller...
  15. durden

    What do you do with your IEMs/ Ear-buds while they are temporarily not in use?

    Anytime I'm not using my IEM's/iPod, I put them in a case.   I bought the JLAB's Samba Travel Case to keep things neat and in order. It has decent protection and it keeps everything I need right there with me. AND it comes in a variety of colors so it fits anyone's style.   I know it may...
  16. durden

    Issue with my RE0's - HELP!

    @ ZARIM, I was actually looking at the HF5's...throwing them into a pot for consideration. Was also looking at the MEElectronics A151-BK as a cheaper option. I've got my second child on the way and the wife isn't too keen on spending money we don't have. I've got about $70 in Amazon credits...
  17. durden

    Issue with my RE0's - HELP!

    Hey guys. I have had my pair of Hifiman RE0's for a little over two years now. I have used them 4-5 days a week since they arrived at my doorstep and their sound has only gotten better over time...until yesterday.   I was at work and my left IEM began cutting out. The sound would decrease in...
  18. durden

    FS: Amazon Gift Card

    I have two interested buyers, so please consider the gift card sold! Thanks guys!
  19. durden

    FS: Amazon Gift Card

    Hey guys.   I have a $25 Amazon Gift Card that I honestly can't use at the time. Figured if someone else can benefit from it, so be it.   Because I love this place and want to take care of you guys, I'm selling it for $20.   PM me if you are interested and I can give you my PayPal...
  20. durden

    James444's IEM giveaway thread (competition has ended - see post #344 and #354 for winners!)

    Wow James, thank you for the simple opportunity and possibility of winning a set of IEM's.   I have been eye-balling the Atrio M5's for some time now, considering I enjoy an IEM that inserts deep. Also, they have been rated as a "fun" IEM that has deep base as well as clear ad punchy sound...
  21. durden

    Questions about RE0, cable and comply?

    Quote: Originally Posted by paulypaul I use the meelec m11 bi flange tips. They are a bit smaller and softer than the RE0 small bi flanges which i found a bit uncomfortable. meelec sell the m11 tip set for $4.95 awesome! been looking for a replacement for my RE0's biflanges -...
  22. durden

    RE0 Faded Out?

    just had both left and right sides go out then come back in...weird...
  23. durden

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Still dont quite see how people are disappointed with the amount of bass the RE0's have. Unamped is more than enough for me.
  24. durden

    Looking to make the leap

    Quote: Originally Posted by theKraken11 I recommend using a dedicated ripper instead of iTunes. dBpoweramp is a good program, and pretty easy to use. You can test out different quality levels to see what's transparent for you. (Transparency means no discernible difference between the...