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  1. samu


    ​   General Specifications (as in packaging):   Frequency Response : 8 - 22.000 Hz Driver                        : 9 mm Sensitivity                 : 100 dB/mW Impedance                : 16 ohm Plug                         : 3.5 mm L-Shaped Gold Plated Accessories              : SML...
  2. samu

    Best IEM Under 100 for sleeping time

    Hi, these might be a common question to look for budget IEM under 100 bucks, but I am looking for something that I can use while sleeping. It might have a good durability since it will be using for sleep, a nice noise cancelling might work (not ANC *if there's actually any) but not that...
  3. samu

    FiiO E6 - Portable Headphone Amplifier

    This is my very first headphone amplifier. It's a FiiO E6.          What's inside? As you can see: The device itself An USB charging cable A short 3.5 mm L-shaped Aux cable A 90 cm 3.5 mm regular Aux cable. A pair of plastic clips. Introduction manual & warranty card   As you...
  4. samu

    Modifying Your Closed Ear Sennheiser HD429 into an Open one?

    I've been thinking about modding my HD429. Well, I am kinda adventurous with these headphone, this my first over ear headphone, and since I trying to mod the bass and the ear-cups (just like to try how it sounds) also I am curious what would it be if I modified it into an open ear type? You can...