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  1. henio

    JVC HA-M750 or Creative Aurvana Live or Sony MDRXB500

    I have a dilemma here.   I have these three to choose from :    - JVC HA-M750    - Creative Aurvana Live    - Sony MDRXB500   Which of these would be best for outside use during travel on tube and buses. I will plug them to my ipod classic 5g, no amp. I'm looking for best...
  2. henio

    Help me to choose !

    Hi,   I am looking for headphones mostly for outside use, travel mostly.   I  have an ipod classic 5g. I mostly listen to Bonobo, The Crystal Method, Rage Against The Machine, Prodigy and some hard rock. So I would really like the headphones to have nice deep bass.   I want to avoid...
  3. henio

    Need help fellas

    Hello,   I am new to the forum however I read quite a lot.   For past week I've been searching for on ear headphones, preferably closed ear. They would be mainly for listening music outside, during travel and in parks etc. during nice calm game of chess. 99% of the time they would be...