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  1. bmn1251

    Abyss Diana Single Ended Cable(3.5mm), by JPS Labs

    Hi there! Selling the stock Abyss Diana cable, made by JPS Labs Dual 2.5mm to 3.5mm If you have a Focal Utopia XLR cable of similar value, i may be down for a trade Thanks
  2. bmn1251

    [SOLD] Chord Qutest

    Looking sell my qutest to fund an upgrade. Recently purchased this on headfi. Hoping to net around $1100 Excellent condition, original box,paperwork, and accessories included Will ship to USA and Canada Thanks -Brian
  3. bmn1251

    [FOUND] Schiit Yggdrasil A2

    Looking for an Yggy with at least an A2 Hoping to pay around $1750 all in. Shipped to Indiana. I have a Chord Qutest currently, and willing to trade/sell this if interested. Thanks! -Brian
  4. bmn1251

    [WTS] Jamo C91 II

    Excellent condition, purchased in August this year. Comes with Stageek desktop stands Original box and paperwork Asking $225 shipped
  5. bmn1251

    [SOLD] QDC Dmagic 3D

    Selling in excellent condition, all original accessories and packaging. Trade possible, let me know what you have, amps,dacs,headphones. Shipping and PayPal fees on buyer.
  6. bmn1251

    [WTB] Utopia and Diana v2

    Looking for both of these, or similar. Feel free to message me with whatcha got!!! -Thanks!
  7. bmn1251

    [SOLD]Hifiman he1000v2 (hekv2)

    Comes with stock cables and box PayPal and shipping included
  8. bmn1251

    [WTB](USA) Fostex th900

    Any variant or color, thanks!
  9. bmn1251

    [SOLD] Hifiman Edition Xv2

    Excellent condition besides a small scratch on the yolk. Sounds great,comes with all stock items. PayPal,CONUS Fees and Shipping included
  10. bmn1251

    [SOLD] Audeze Lcd2.2 Pre Fazor(Bamboo)

    Lcd2.2 Pre Fazor, Bamboo New Audeze leather pads New Audeze headband,steel and leather Audeze Carrying Case Audeze 1/4 inch cable Original headband with serial# 5323127 Lcd2.2 Frequency Graph paper,dated 5-3-2013 Audeze stickers Non fazor proof in pics,flat bars on driver Excellent condition...
  11. bmn1251

    [SOLD] Headamp Gilmore Lite mk2[SOLD]

    Selling a like new gilmore mk2. PayPal fee and shipping included.
  12. bmn1251

    [SOLD] Lake People G111 + 6in XLR Patch Cables

    Selling lake people g111 and xlr cables. In like new condition, works great. PayPal fees and shipping included.