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    Best Cans for Vocal Reproduction for $400 or under?

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a pair of headphones for around $400 that can produce the best vocals. I find with the ones I have tried so far the vocals just do not seem lifelike or real enough to me. More like they are hiding behind some kind of veil. I listen to a wide range of...
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    Thoughts on Denon AH-2000?

    Found a pair locally for $250 in excellent condition. Read some mostly very good things about them but it's mostly old. Anyone out there still using these or have thoughts?
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    Just Purchased Audio Technica AD700x.

    Just purchased a pair,they'll probably arrive early next week. Some background,I've had a couple pairs of Audio Technicas. The M50 and the Pro700MK2. I've also had the Sennheiser HD518+HD558. I've just sold the HD558s so I can purchase the AD700x since they seemed like they're going to be more...
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    I'm new here (kind of)

    I use to use this site quite a few years ago but got out of it cause I just couldn't afford anything I wanted. But now I'm back. The current setup I use is HD558 with the foam mod from inside the cups and I also removes the foam covering on the outside to make it resemble a real open back...