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  1. FishHead

    AMB Mini 3 BOM

    Anyone have a current BOM link for the AMB Mini 3. I found one from Mr. X but the link was broken..  BTW I ordered all the parts I could from AMB's shop .  If your BOM excludes those parts so much the better!     Thanks in advance! 
  2. FishHead

    SRPS, Single Regulated Power Supply

    In my search for my next project I came across sort of an announcement at about a Single Regulated Power Supply. Coming Soon! Does anyone have any info about it? My search under "SRPS" didn't bring any hits back.
  3. FishHead

    Next Project suggestions

    I just am finishing up a y2 with a y1full+++,  and last month it was a Millet hybrid mini max.  I have the DIY bug but do not have a direction.  Any suggestions for the next project would be welcome.  I do not have enough posts for a signature line but my equipment is as follows:   Ipod...
  4. FishHead

    US Farnell = element14?

    Hi Gang,   I just was scanning Google for an enclosure an came up with  At the bottom of the page was a Farnell disclosure/copyright.  Long story short..I ordered the enclosure and guess what.  It came from  Go figure.