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  1. Groznyjgrad

    Custom Marblewood Acacia/Purpleheart Grado Earcups

    I'm looking to sell a pair of custom, handmade exotic wood Grado earcups. They're measured, and fit every model from the SR60 to the SR325. They're made of marblewood acacia, with a purpleheart bezel. $80, or best offer. Trades are also welcome!  Reverb listing...
  2. Groznyjgrad

    Interest Check: Custom SennGrados

    Ahh yes, the famous SennGrados: I realized that I'd be in a position to produce batches of SennGrados in my woodshop, custom exotic wood earcups and all. Would you guys be interested in purchasing custom made...
  3. Groznyjgrad

    INTEREST CHECK: Custom Grado Earcups

    Hey guys, I recently added a lathe to my woodworking shop and realized that I was in a position to start manufacturing custom earcups for Grado headphones. Would this be something that would interest you? Would you want to buy custom exotic hardwood earcups to make Grado woodies, and if so, how...
  4. Groznyjgrad

    Broken Grados

    I'm interested in buying some broken Grado headphones, or even just the headband assembly for purposes of building a SennGrado. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks!
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  7. Groznyjgrad

    The Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350 Impressions thread

    Any love for the T50p? I've heard that the DT1350/T50p mirror the Amperior/HD25-1 II relationship.
  8. Groznyjgrad

    SOLD Thermaltake Isurus Tt Esports

    These share a driver with the excellent Audio Technica CK-M50
  9. Groznyjgrad

    A quick HD280 comfort mod

    I replaced the stock pads on the Sennheiser HD280 with Gel Pads from David Clark Aviation: . These are much, much softer than the stock pads, leading to a less overwhelming clamping force. As a plus, these offer hands-down the best...
  10. Groznyjgrad

    Sennheiser HD429S vs Skullcandy crushers

    It wasn't like a 5$ headphone, it was simply mediocre. It had lots of bass, and if that's the only thing you're looking for, then by all means get the Crushers. I didn't quite get what you mean by the audiophile line. The M50 is currently on sale for within ±2$ of the Crushers, and those will...
  11. Groznyjgrad

    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

    That's essentially my question -- these are being put up against the DT880 for me
  12. Groznyjgrad

    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

    How are these for Classical music? I can't get an answer out of anyone on here 
  13. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    I initially wanted an electrostatic, but it's simply not in my price range. I can't find a pair of Stax for less than $400, and that's not even counting the cost of the energizer and amplifier. That's going to have to come later down the road :)
  14. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    Okay, I'll pick up the 880's if I go with Beyer. Does anyone have any info on the ZMF T50rp Version 1? I've heard that they're relatively neutral, and they seem to be very popular. The consensus from the reviews I've read is that it's a more treble-heavy match for the HD650, which sounds...
  15. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    What do you guys think about the ZMF T50rp V1?
  16. Groznyjgrad

    Focusrite 2i2 quality?

    Hey guys, I have a Focusrite 2i2 that I use as my DAC, how does it compare to something along the lines of a Schiit Modi? I know that it's probably not as good, but I was under the impression that once you upgrade to a discrete DAC from onboard audio, the improvements from upgrades become more...
  17. Groznyjgrad

    Sennheiser HD429S vs Skullcandy crushers

    I've tried the Crushers, albeit briefly. They sound relatively similar to the Beats Solo/Pro, i.e. uncontrolled bass, congested, muddy, and heavily rolled off treble. The vibration feature was incredibly uncomfortable, it felt like my jawbone was vibrating (which it probably was). If all you're...
  18. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    What's the difference between the DT990 pro and the DT880 pro? If the difference isn't huge, I might go with the 990 Pro and save $100... I'll be plugging this into a Magni/Modi
  19. Groznyjgrad

    Best headphones for Classical music?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use with primarily classical music. The biggest thing I'm looking for is DETAIL. I want to be able to hear the bow sliding across the cello strings. I prefer a more neutral presentation with an airy top end, but I'm not too set on bass...
  20. Groznyjgrad

    Beyer T50P

    Seriously, these seem to be some of the most polarizing headphones on the site. It seems everyone thinks they're either an absolute steal and wonderful or they're trash and like listening to an phone speaker in the bottom of a tin can. Paying attention to the positive reviews, these seem to be...
  21. Groznyjgrad

    FS JH16 Pro

    Er... aren't the JH16's custom fit IEM's?
  22. Groznyjgrad

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1. JVC HARX900's (Modded) 2. Shure E2c w/ Triple Flanges 3. Sennheiser HD280's 4. Meelectronics M6 5. iBeats (I got them for free, I'd never spend money on these)