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  1. pieeyed

    Topping D50

    I have been listening to the D50 using flac files running it thru a wyred 4 sound sti 1000 to 3.7 maggies. Must say the little D50 holds it's own to the many other dac's that I have. I find the music has a nice say crisp snap to it. I paid 229 usd for the D50 so I must say that I find it very...
  2. pieeyed

    Hidizs AP200

    I received my 128 gb AP200 around Dec 1, 2017. Tried to load some music and the screen went dead shortly after starting it up. Had to send it back to China where they found a loose wire to the screen. Got it back Jan 10, 2018. It has worked fine ever since. I find the sound neutral and the amp...
  3. pieeyed

    The Astell & Kern AK240

    I see it is being sold in Bangkok for 85,000 baht = $2660 USD.
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