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  1. metalhead101

    best headphones for <$400

    hey guys, im looking to buy a new pair of headphones to replace my sennheiser hd 439's (not that anything is wrong with them, i love them but im just to take the next step up(pretty big step i know) i listen to mainly metal/rock and dubstep. im looking at the sennheiser  momentums but heard they...
  2. metalhead101

    best headphones for 100 dollars or less?

    Looking for the absolute best headphones possible for 100 or less, a little over is fine, preferably over ear but open to earbuds, I mainly listen to rock and metal if that helps
  3. metalhead101

    best earbuds for metal/rock

    Hey guys im new to head fi because I heard it would be a great place to look, what would be the best earbuds or in ear headphones for <$20 sorry about the budget, just got done moving and in the process my buds broke >:( thanks guys!!