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  1. sqz0914

    PAD Corvus Luminist Revision XLR Interconnects

    I purchase this pair of interconnects from the Cable Company on 9/28/2020. The terminators are 3-Pin XLR and the length is 1 meter. This cable is of normal usage and is in very great condition (see pictures). In my opinion, the overall performance is very neutral with an emphasis on the bass...
  2. sqz0914

    Niimbus Ultimate Series US4/US4+/US5/US5 Pro Headphone Amps - by Lake People

    Could I ask what power cord and interconnects you are using? I also have Morpheus and Niimbus, and I simply use PC as the music source.
  3. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Danacable Lazuli Reference for ZMF headphones 4-pin XLR

    Not quite sure. Has already sent an email to ask Danacable. I remember Audeze, ZMF, and Empyrean all use mini 3-pin connectors but I was told that there is a tiny difference when I placed the order for this cable.
  4. sqz0914

    Toxic Cable Rectangular Pure Cryo OCC Silver Power Cable 4ft USA

    I purchased this power cable from Toxic Cable in July and received it in November. I only used this cable two times just to see its performance so it is like new. Though it is a silver cable, it does not sound harsh. The overall sound is neutral and transparent - characteristics that...
  5. sqz0914

    Transparent Reference Power Cord G5 2m with C15 Termination

    This cable is the Transparent new Generation 5 Reference power cord. I purchased this cable from Innovative Audio in July and received the cable at the end of Sept. I didn't listen much using this power cord with my DAC and the cable itself is in mint condition (see pictures below). The cable...
  6. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Grado GS3000e (4-pin XLR) in MINT Condition

    I agree GS3000e is an excellent headphone. It may not be the best headphone technically but its vocal is really amazing. I really enjoy using it for listening to pop music. Also, there is a lot of sense of airy resonance which I have never heard on other headphones, maybe due to its wood can...
  7. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Grado GS3000e (4-pin XLR) in MINT Condition

    price dropped a bit again.
  8. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Grado GS3000e (4-pin XLR) in MINT Condition

    I purchased this headphone from 4OurEars in the mid of March this year. The headphone is in MINT condition with no scratches or smudges on wood. The original box is complete. Note that the current retail price on 4OurEars is $1965.00 + tax since a 4-pin XLR terminator is added. I only accept...
  9. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Grado GH4 in MINT condition

    I purchased this Grado limited edition headphone GH4 from 4OurEars at the end of Feb. this year. However, I don't use it for listening to music much. The headphone is in mint condition and the original box is complete. I didn't buy the 4-pin XLR version because I decided to use it for my...
  10. sqz0914

    [SOLD] Danacable Lazuli Reference for ZMF headphones 4-pin XLR

    I purchased this cable for my ZMF Verite around the mid of September. The length is 2m and the cable terminator is 4-pin XLR. I only mounted it to the headphone three times. It opens the soundstage of Verite and enhances the performance of low, mid, and high frequency. In my opinion, this...
  11. sqz0914

    ZMF Verite

    Is the silver cable in the image the Verite Silver (Pure 4-wire silver version)?
  12. sqz0914

    Arctic Cables Discussion Thread

    The most noticeable change for the transition from V280 to Niimbus US4 is that Niimbus has a much bigger soundstage and more bass presentation. The imaging of Niimbus becomes smaller but more precise and refined. The vocals stay a little bit behind than V280 and blend into the background. The...
  13. sqz0914

    ZMF Verite

    Is Lazuli just Lazuli or Lazuli Reference?:dt880smile:
  14. sqz0914

    Arctic Cables Discussion Thread

    Being interested in this cable. Looking forward to your review. :smile:
  15. sqz0914

    ZMF Verite

    Maybe you can post a review about their difference in sound since different wood is used. :smile:
  16. sqz0914

    ZMF Verite

    I think so. Verite has 300 Ohm impedance and 97 dB/mW sensitivity which is not easy to drive. It is better to use an amplifier. I heard from some reviews saying that Verite would have a better sound performance on tube amplifiers.
  17. sqz0914

    Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

    Nice review. I have the IE800 for about 5 years and I haven't found a replacement for this IEM yet. It is an amazing IEM with lots of potentials. By using better equipment, you would get better sound performance. I am currently using a Vorzuge Duo II to feed it. The sound is clear and full of...
  18. sqz0914

    Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

    I make the DX200 lined out to my DUO II. Most of the time, DX200 runs out of power at first. :smile: I also have PURE II but the charging cable is a bit problematic because when it is plugged in, the red light is always shining. I have to adjust the position of the cable several times until the...