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  1. caiol611

    V-Moda M-100s (Shadow) with XL Pads

    I am selling a pair of lightly used V-Moda M-100s in Shadow black that I no longer need. It's in excellent condition with about 200 hours of listening time. As you can see from the photos, I have installed the XL pads, but I will also include the original pads. I will include all the original...
  2. caiol611

    [FS] Fisher Hearing reshelled Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, Westone Deluxe Monitor Case

    For sale is a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10's that I had reshelled by Fisher Hearing. They will need to be reshelled, which requires getting ear impressions from an audiologist and sending them to a company which specializes in producing custom in ear monitors. I am selling these because...
  3. caiol611

    looking for ~3.25" dia. velour earpads to fit denon dn-hp700

    Hi I'm new here. I have a pair of Denon DN-HP700's with pleather earpads that are getting uncomfortable since they have stiffened from sweat. I've measured the diameter of the earpads and they are around 3.25" (the earpads are circular, not an oval). Are there any Beyerdynamic or other brand...