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  1. ServinginEcuador

    Christmas Giveaway - HAS ENDED

    Thanks for all the posts and PMs, but I have made a decision and am closing off this offer.  Wish I had more to give away to the rest, but I don't atm.       Lord Bless and Merry Christmas,   doug p.
  2. ServinginEcuador

    Cable loaner program for Audio-gd Phoenix and Reference 1 owners

    After getting and trying my own set of DIY cables I wanted to get a feeler out to see if there was enough interest to justify building two sets of cables as a loaner program open to Head-Fiers. The purpose of this is NOT to see if you can hear the differences between and blindly identify...
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  4. ServinginEcuador

    WTB: Audio-gd CAST and Phoenix DC power connectors

    I'm doing an experiment with copper and silver wires and need another quad of the CAST and DC power connectors that came with the Phoenix. I'll pay $20 plus shipping for them, and prefer to get them quickly from someone in the US and not have to wait to get them from China. Or, if you...
  5. ServinginEcuador

    Adding XLR connectors to the HD800

    After some encouragement form dallan I decided to attempt something crazy: cutting my HD800 cable and soldering in some XLR connectors. I have a soldering iron, solder, and a pair of old ICs with the XLR connectors. I plan on taking the XLR connectors off the cables and soldering them into the...
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    Single-Ended, 3-Channel B22 & S22 Loaner Request

    If anyone has a B22 & S22 that they would be willing to loan out for about two weeks I would greatly appreciate it. I'll pay for the shipping both ways, so it won't cost the owner a penny. I'm really interested in getting one built, but have never heard one and want to make sure it's the...
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    Removed - nevermind

    Withdrawn - sorry, but the wife wants to keep them for herself! She's got good taste in cans, what can I say.
  8. ServinginEcuador

    Cables to clear-out

    If I'm overpriced on anything just send me a PM with an offer. Please hold-off on the lowball offers!!! Selling the following cables: RCA and XLR cables: Grover U7 XLR - 1.5m $125 RS Audio Silver XLR - 1m $40 W Enterprises Northwest Music Timbres Gold Alloy XLR - 2m $50 Power...
  9. ServinginEcuador

    Trio of StillPoints with Risers

    For anyone wanting to address vibration issues these little wonders are the way to go. They sell for $300 for the StillPoints, and $99 for the Risers. They come with the original box for the StillPoints. Review of these units can be found here: stillpoint Asking $300 shipped for the...
  10. ServinginEcuador

    CD, SACD, DVD-A for sale

    After selling off the Denon 3910 I no longer need any of my SACD or DVD-A discs, so I figured it was time to clean out the stuff I no longer can use or listen to: DVD-A ($10 each) Steeley Dan - Gaucho SACD Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road $14 Regular CDs ($5 each, $8 for 2-disc...
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    FS: Stax Omega II

  12. ServinginEcuador

    FS: SinglePower PPX3-6SN7 (NO TUBES)

    SOLD!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by everyone.
  13. ServinginEcuador

    FS: eXemplar Audio fully decked out Denon 3910

    TENTATIVELY SOLD!!!!!!! For sale is my beloved Denon CDP modded by John Tucker of eXemplar Audio. It's in absolutely perfect condition as it has seen very little use since I got it. My job no longer affords me time at home to listen to my headphone rig, so instead of collecting dust I am...
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    Funny Video: Ping Pong meets the Matrix
  15. ServinginEcuador

    WTB: Bendix 6385 & WE 396A

    I'm looking for a single Bendix 6385 and an older (1950's or 1960's) WE 396A tubes for my CDP. If you have one please PM with an offer. Looking to spend under $100 for the 6385 and $10-15 for the WE.
  16. ServinginEcuador

    AMAZING female vocals

    Found this while cruising around YouTube for some music to listen to. It's Tina Dico, who toured recently with Zero 7, doing an acoustic version of Home.
  17. ServinginEcuador

    iTunes problem

    Has anyone else downloaded the latest iTunes update today? I did, and now it's annoying me. I am importing a bunch of my discs on Apple Lossless, and after iTunes asks if I want to replace the songs I say yes, and it replaces track 1 of the existing disc, then proceeds to place tracks 2 and...
  18. ServinginEcuador

    Amperex tube designation explanation (Std vs SQ vs PQ)

    Does anyone have a good explanation as to what criteria was used to designate certain tubes like Amperex into separate categories? I thought that the order went like this Standard - SQ - higher tolerance for microphonics, rarer than standard tubes PQ - highest tolerance for microphonics...
  19. ServinginEcuador

    A must read on motor oils The full article is huge, but reading just 101-104 is more than enough to remove all misinformation you've been told before.
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    Forgot just how good this guy sings! I saw the end of this episode a few nights ago and just kept thinking how incredible his voice still is today. Had to go to and order their remastered greatest hits. From what I hear in this little clip alone Collin Hay could do his own...
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    Computer Too Loud????

    I've been struggling with a computer that simply ruined any listening pleasure anywhere within 20 feet of the thing. The fans were making so much noise it was driving me batty. These Panaflos move a lot of air, but make too much noise while doing so. Then, one day I decided to spend the $$ on a...
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    DVDs FS: Stargate SG-1, Star Trek DS9, Doogie Howser, M.D.

    DVD sale of the following items, all in their original boxes: Stargate SG-1 Season 1 $20 Stargate SG-1 Season 2 $20 Stargate SG-1 Season 3 $22 Stargate SG-1 Season 4 $22 Stargate SG-1 Season 5 $22 Stargate SG-1 Season 6 $22 Stargate SG-1 Season 7 $20 Stargate SG-1 Season 8 $20...
  23. ServinginEcuador

    nVidia Quadro FX3400 video card

    Bought this thing for use in digital video editing, and never did. It's used, a little over a year old, and works perfectly. With 256mb RAM, and the capability of running two high-rez screens at full resolution this thing is awesome. I run a single 20" LCD at 1600*1200, 32-bit and the graphics...