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  1. FreezingHazard

    Sennheiser HD555 Review

    Let's dig right in.   BASS 4.0/5.0 The bass is just in the "perfect" zone, to fit mostly anyone. It isn't too big not too low. I found the bass to be lacking just a tiny but some may disagree. It is very detailed bass and you won't find much mud in here. Great bass for general audio but...
  2. FreezingHazard

    Best Grado Headphone..?

    Have your say! All for fun and I'm really quite anticipating your vote.   Edit: I'm extremely sorry for not adding the HF-2 into the equation, I never heard of them at the time.
  3. FreezingHazard

    Why isn't a Grado earpad upgrade ever suggested or even mentioned?

    Seriously? I mean why complain for hours on how uncomfortable they are and upgrade them to a ps1000 over the ear pad.   Does it degrade the sound or something?   Because I am purchasing one and am buying a ps1000 pad with it but it doesn't seem very common in fact i've never heard of...
  4. FreezingHazard

    A bit of help? Grado SR225i Vs Everything Else?

    Well if you've heard both Grado SR225i and have also heard a Sennheiser 555+ or Beyerdynamic DT/770/880/990 or something else a-bit higher.   My desperate attempt at getting you to post is far.   PlEaSe tell me! Which was better?   Is the hype true are grados what they are built up...
  5. FreezingHazard

    Beyerdynamic will NOT reply to my emails

    So on the 18th I emailed them using thier site form and it was just a simple question about the frequency response listing on Amazon and their website. I was wondering which one was the TRUE frequency response. It was for the DT880.   So I waited and 22nd came around still no reply.   I...
  6. FreezingHazard

    On the fence about DT 880 or K701?

    So I am looking for something that worth my money, I previously had Senn eh150, HD555, and some others. Just noting the biggest of the crowd(not really eh150).   But anyhow, I have been doing so much research on these two pairs for a while now, and not sure if I want to spill my money on one...