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  1. iverson3-1

    What would you reccomend out of these 5 earbuds for the type of music i listen to

    Im by no means an audiophile and this would be my first real expensive good quality pair of earbuds i just dont know which to pend my money on. the ultimate ears 500vi ultimate ears 600vi v-moda remix remote klipsch s4i etymotic hf3 and also they need to block out sound and deliver...
  2. iverson3-1

    im looking for some portable headphones and narrowed it down to these 5

    akg k 450   akg k27i   akg k 420   senn hd 228   senn px 200 ii     anybody have any experience with any of these? any info on them would be appreciated also any that you think i should just eliminate from this list?