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  1. llegoz

    Canon 50mm f/1.2 L, talk me out of it.

    If you really want it, buy it dude.   But since you want to be talked out of it. I've used the lens several times with my 30d. The 1.2 is overkill on a small sensor. The 1.2 is slow to focus due to the heavy glass it has to move around. Its heavy, big, and in my opinion, over priced. Id just...
  2. llegoz

    Camera Bag-Fi

    my persoanl fave is the domke f-5xz. I dont like carrying tons of gear. I like to be able to travel fast an travel light. I can carry my acient 30d and a couple lenses. Usually my 35mm and a 24-70. Tight fit indeed, but it works. Can throw in some batteries an cards in the front pockets. Just...
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  5. llegoz

    What's better than an ipod touch?

    The ipod is a good MP3 player. I wont deny it that, I have an ipod and an iphone and I like them. But its not the best and its very censored. I hate iTunes, I've had way to many problems with it. No EQ, battery life is whatevs. I hardly use any of the music apps, much less any other apps, I just...
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