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  1. buckinghamdevon

    Lack of bass with dedicated headphone amplifier

    I've found that in using my HD598 with my Schiit Asgard or Audinst mx1, the sound is kind of dead, particularly lacking in soundstage and bass response. But when I use them with my Denon avr-1912 receiver, it has a big, full, airy sound, if a bit less refined. Is this just because my receiver...
  2. buckinghamdevon

    Music Game IX

    knock me down-red hot chili peppers
  3. buckinghamdevon

    Reply to review by 'buckinghamdevon' on item 'V-MODA Crossfade M-80'

    i have the crossfade lp's but rarely use them because the sound is so preferred headphones are my sennheiser hd 598's. Would you say that these are more of an audiophile-pleasing headphone? I really like how small and durable these are, and was interested in these as a...
  4. buckinghamdevon

    Significance of voltage in headphone amplifier?

    I was looking at the schiit asgard amplifier so i dont have to always sit next to my reciever to amplify my headphones, and i noticed that it comes in two voltages, but i dont understand the effect that getting one or the other would have on the audio reproduction. Can anyone explain the...
  5. buckinghamdevon

    DAC of choice?

    I recently got my Sennheiser HD 598s and was looking for a DAC to use with them. I'm looking for something that will do my headphones, lossless files, and rotel reciever justice. I do have a discriminating ear but was looking to avoid something too expensive. in particular i was looking at the...
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