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  1. gsevilla

    Looking for afordable/durable earphones with best isolation

    Might be more than you want to spend but the following is what I found to be the best iem for audiobook, radio, podcast, etc. It took me a few years of trying various "cheap" earbuds for non-music listening but I settled on these. I have both the single and double ended ones. The seal is...
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  3. gsevilla

    Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I just got these yesterday. I'm having pain in the same spots. The blue, round part of the housing doesn't quite fit my outer ear. I hope it's just a matter of my ears getting used to a bit more pressure. I love the sound of these. I'd hate to return them.     Quote:
  4. gsevilla

    Hrt Music Streamer 2+

    I have the Music Streamer II+ and have not had any problems. I'm using MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard OS.
  5. gsevilla

    FS: Burson Audio HA-160 headphone amplifier - Mint condition

    Still available? I'm interested. PMed you.
  6. gsevilla

    F.S. Woo Audio WA6 Maxxed with full Blackgate PDPS

    I sent PM. I will buy this from you. I'm in California.   How do I pay?   German
  7. gsevilla

    Schiit Valhalla Tube Amp

    I am asking for $325 + shipping CONUS ONLY. I will pay Paypal fees. Will ship before 4PM same day as payment.
  8. gsevilla

    Centrance Dacport

    I'm asking for $375. I will pay shipping and paypal fees. I will post pictures later. PM me if you have any questions.
  9. gsevilla

    IC: Decware CSP2+ with less than 20 hours

    I tried to send you a PM but it's not working...   Interested in any other amps?   I have a Schiit Valhalla and a Centrance Dacport if you would like to trade for either +$.   I just sold my my M-Stage v2 last weekend. Oh well!   Let me know what you think.   Thanks .
  10. gsevilla

    SOLD: RSA P-51 Mustang

    I sent you a pm.
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    Postage Price Calculator.jpg
  12. gsevilla

    SOLD: Matrix M-Stage (v2), Opamp LM4562 and original included [USA]

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I'm selling my Matrix M-Stage which I bought from coolfungadget on August 15. This is the latest version (2). Like new. Sat on my desk the whole time I used it. I'm also including the Opamp LM4562 which sounds quite nicer than the original. You'll get the original OPA2134 too in...
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  15. gsevilla

    Schiit Valhalla has been, impressions and musings.

    Thank you for your impressions.   I've had the Valhalla since Saturday evening and I love it with my Grado RS1i. I had been auditioning a Nuforce Icon HDP but could not detect much bass and the treble was painful. I shipped the HDP back for a refund today. I also have the Matrix M-Stage...
  16. gsevilla

    I finally came to my senses.

    I tried the B&W P5s for three weeks in July but returned them after I tried the HD650s. I couldn't hear all the instruments with the P5s, but with the HD650, the instruments became distinct. The sound was fuller. The P5s hurt my ears after half an hour (wear glasses). No ear pain with the HD650s...
  17. gsevilla

    Suggestions on entry level headphone amp

    I'm very happy with my Matrix M-Stage paired with some HD650. I also use a Centrance Dacport which I find makes a huge difference in sound. The M-Stage fed directly from Macbook headphone jack does not sound as rich and detailed as when fed through USB-->Dacport but this should be obvious to...
  18. gsevilla

    Best amp to bring out deep bass in HD650?

    I have the Matrix M-Stage with HD650. Make sure you feed the M-Stage with a DAC. I tried it without my Centrance Dacport and the bass was not as deep or present and there wasn't as much richness to the sound. I'm very happy with my M-Stage, Dacport, HD650 combo. I can listen for hours with no...
  19. gsevilla

    SOLD: Stock HD 650, mint. USA shipping only

    Couldn't reply to your PM. I'm only allowed one PM per day! Anyway, here's what I wanted to say in response to your last PM.     Thank you for the quick reply. Sounds like I'll be happy with them. No need for more pics. The ones you posted are fine. I'm actually using some borrowed 650s...
  20. gsevilla

    SOLD: Stock HD 650, mint. USA shipping only

    I have been reading through these forums for the past few months. Never bothered to join and post anything until now. I am very interested in buying your HD 650 headphones. I have a verified paypal account. Would you be willing to wait for payment until next Tuesday? I'm a teacher out here in...
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