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    If i like Tri-I3, which should i like even more?

    Hi there, so fare i tested ctm320, Fiio FH5, FiioFA7, shozy 1.1 and tri-I3. The ctm320 and both Fiios have to little bass for my taste. Shozy 1.1 is ok, the Tri-I3 is better. The Tri-I3 seems to be more detailed in every area compared to the shozy. So the I3 are currently my favourite. I was...
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    In ears for vibriant voices and resonating bass

    I bought a pair of M&D MW07 last year as my first headphones of any quality at all. As much as they improved my listening experience i miss some details and clarity. So i bought some alternatives for testing, namely Fiio FH5 (3 BD, 1 DD) and CTM320 (3 BD). They deliver details and clarity, but...