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  1. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

     Thanks a lot. That song was perfect. I it can play that well then I'm sold. Now I just wait for a sale. I have the money but I'm a bit of a cheapskate and always prefer things on sale. =[ Any other recommendations are welcome'd and thanks everyone for helping.    I have my mind set on...
  2. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

    So I feel almost set to go with the Grado SR-325 but last thing I want to know is since that do well with poppy and energetic sounds, will peaceful and relaxing music sound good too while being able to feel relaxed and calm. Might be hard question since it really is based on the person.    I...
  3. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

    Thanks a lot for the info. I kinda understand what you mean. Different sounds come from differnt instruments and such but you can define those into genres. The're put into different frequencies making lows, mids , and highs. I researched and I feel I want good mids and highs. Good treble and...
  4. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

    Thabks a lot for the info. Read very good reviews about the HD600s. Can you give me more info on what type of music the Grados and Ultrasone Pro2900 are suited for? You said the Grados SR-325 are suited more for pop and rock than edm as compared to HD600s. I do listen to EDM but not as much as...
  5. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

    I've read a couple reviews and what you say seems reliable but these are closed but one review I read says these feel like open even though they're closed back. Would you agree? I want try out opens as I have never had open back headphones.
  6. wingliger

    Need help: Upgrading from ATH M50

    Hey, made an account 5 years and ended up getting the M50S thanks to many recommendations. Many did say they were overhyped but I like them a lot. I planning on giving these away to my sister and want an upgrade. I want neutral headphones that can be used to listen to almost anything. I'm still...
  7. wingliger

    Denon DNHP700 or ATH M50

    My friends like how both of these looks but he doesn't know which would be better for him. He wants to use these for music with his iPod. I have the M50s but not the Denon so I couldn't tell him what sounds better than what.   Which would be better out of the two for all kinds of music?
  8. wingliger

    Koss UR55 or anything else under $60 for all kinds of music.

    My friend wants to buy a headphone for all types of music. I recommended M50s because it wasn't expensive, but he wants to try something cheap first. He asked me about the Koss UR55. Are those a good set for $50. Are there any other headphones that are better for $60>?
  9. wingliger

    ATH m50, PRO700, and PRO700 Gold differences.

    What are the differences and which one would sound better for songs such as hip-hop,pop, something I guess that sounds mid treble.   Im thinking of getting one of these.
  10. wingliger

    Headphones that are around $130 or less for techno/trance.

    I need advice on headphones that are less than $130 and they're for listening to techno/trance songs. Ill be plugging them into an ipod nano. Thank you.
  11. wingliger

    Less than $150 Headphone

    I believe you open the the two sides up with a small screwdriver and and a flathead and once you do that there will be a sticky foam on the holes. You take it out from both sides and put everything back together and you're done.
  12. wingliger

    ATH M50s, AD700, or SHR 840?

    I've decided it on these 3 but I don't know which would be best for music such as pop,RnB, and Ballad. Any suggestions?
  13. wingliger

    Less than $150 Headphone

    I'll be plugging it into Ipod, and computer
  14. wingliger

    Less than $150 Headphone

    I listen to alot of pop and instrumentals, but occasional rock but mostly korean music such as pop and ballad and slow songs.
  15. wingliger

    Less than $150 Headphone

    Thank you. That's the other headphone I was leaning toward, but I heard AD700 was more comfortable, but M50s are better for different types of songs, so I guess Ill go with them. Are there any other suggestions?
  16. wingliger

    Less than $150 Headphone

    I need suggestions of a good headphone that's $150 or less. I listen to all kinds of music. Im leaning toward the AD700's but it doesnt go good with everything. Any suggestions? This is my first post but I've been looking around.
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