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  1. crwoo

    Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM

    I imagine it would have a bump for the bluetooth board. I tried Sony 1RBT MK2 and those sounded better via bluetooth than with the cable. reason being it probably has a better sound card than my iPhone. I bought them for mobile and they weren't mobile so I returned them...thats why I didnt try...
  2. crwoo

    Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM

    I know this sounds crazy, but wouldnt it be cool to have a bluetooth cable for earphones such as the SE846 or the SE535? I know I would love to have one for whenever I dont want a cord hanging from my brain. 
  3. crwoo

    FS SHURE SE535 in very good condition or trade for SE846

    Hi, I have a great pair of SHURE SE535 that still look great and clean, comes with everything...I can throw away the tips for you. Gently used. Very clean. Work perfect. I want to upgrade to SE846 or AKG K3003I, so if you have some for trade, Please contact me.    prefer deals in USA or...
  4. crwoo

    FS: Shure SE530

    I'm interested but i cant PM you, it says your mailbox is full
  5. crwoo

    FS 80gb iPod classic black with leather case

    I want to sell or trade my ipod classic, its an 80gb black classic. It comes with a leather case that i paid 100 for, its a real good case. The iPod is in very good condition, looks very good. Comes with everything that came with it, plus a good case. I am asking 240 or trade for current...
  6. crwoo

    FS 80gb iPod Video 5.5g Black or white :)

    Hi, i want to sell my white ipod video. I have two of these, one white and one black. I would prefer to sell the white but if white is a deal buster for you i would sell you the black. Both are 80gb and in very good condition, with normal wear for an ipod on the back. For pictures or more...
  7. crwoo

    FS Toshiba Gigabeat s30 mp3 player WHITE

    bump any questions, skype or PM me. $150 with case
  8. crwoo

    FS Toshiba Gigabeat s30 mp3 player WHITE

    How do i embed images here? CM
  9. crwoo

    FS Toshiba Gigabeat s30 mp3 player WHITE

    Bump, i'm asking 150 would pictures help? CM
  10. crwoo

    FS Toshiba Gigabeat s30 mp3 player WHITE

    Hi i am selling my gigabeat s30 in excellent condition. it comes with all accessories and box. I can email pictures to anyone interested, in what parts they want closeups. or do you think i should post pictures here? it comes with this case...
  11. crwoo

    step by step instructions on how to ship an item.

    I have good feedback on ebay and i usually ship my items in a box with shipping peanutsvia UPS, unless they prefer USPS. I always have sellers ship items to me via USPS because its faster in my area. CM
  12. crwoo

    best way to clean your ears for canals?

    do you have a pocket pC or anything with a touch screen... use that stick that comes with it, it works!!
  13. crwoo

    Dentist - Hygiene?

    i understand you are anxious to go back, you dont have to worry about that. that shouldnt keep you away from dentists
  14. crwoo

    Anyone know any good PDA's, Handhelds, or Pocket PC's I want to get my dad one.

    Dell x51v if you dont need a phone. I have a samsung i730 because it has a phone. also have a toshiba e805, that has a better screen than dell, but its bigger and older.
  15. crwoo

    Recommend a good gaming laptop?

    toshiba p200 or x200 series
  16. crwoo

    Need help finding digital camera forum...

    ohh ya, most newer fujifilm cameras including the f30-f51 are great
  17. crwoo

    Need help finding digital camera forum...

    Quote: Originally Posted by EsthetiX I need a serious forum for digital cameras. Kinda like how head-fi is serious about sound. Not some cheesy c-net review forum. Serious photographers. I need help deciding between a new compact digital and SLR. but they can be...
  18. crwoo

    Google is going to make cellphone

    ohh also need office apps, thats where open office for mobile devices comes in. But google and apple, WHY 5 YEARS LATE
  19. crwoo

    Google is going to make cellphone

    WOW great design, (that white one) I hope its priced better than the rest with data plan
  20. crwoo

    Shure Black Foamies

    you should also try the tripple flange rubbers, they last longer