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  1. FFab

    Grado RS1i red driver

    Hi i recently bought a pair of grado rs1i i think mine should be one of the last rs1i produced. From what i see mine headphone have some things that should be on rs1e: The drivers are red The drivers go out to the mogany cup   is this normal in all the rs1i? or it's like this because mine...
  2. FFab

    [EU] WTB Ultrasone HFI 580

    Hi, i'm looking for a pair of ultrasone hfi 580 in eu in very good condition. Let me know ;)
  3. FFab

    ultrasone hfi 580 or what?

    hi all, i am going to buy a new pair of cans. I think that for my taste the ultrasone hfi 580 should have the right sound signature, as it seems it have forward mids almost like grato and also good bass. Now i wan't to ask u what other cans could i consider, even more expensive and even hi...
  4. FFab

    headphone update beyer t70 or dt880

    hi all, i would like some advice for an update. Actually I have a beyerdynamic dt990pro, I like the beyer sound but in some song the bass are too much present and cover the rest of the song, and I found the mid recessed, specially with some rock or metal song. What can should i chouse to...
  5. FFab

    WTB grado entry level (eu)

    Hi I'm looking for some grado entry level in eu (sr 60/60i or 80/80i) let me know
  6. FFab

    FIIO E10 problem?

    Hi, yasterdyay I bought a fiio e10 from amazon, but when i connect to usb of my pcs (laptop and desktop) and I touch it I can feel electricity. Is it normal or it is broken? thank you.
  7. FFab

    WTB Asus xonar essence st

    I want to buy a xonar essence st pci in eu. Let me know.
  8. FFab


    i want to buy this system, it would be better if seller live in eu, but i can consider even outside. Let me know
  9. FFab

    stax srs 005s and rock

    as i'm courious about electrostatic system, and as i would like to start listening some electrostatic headphone but i'm not shure that this is the sound i'm looking for i was thinking about this system bacuse it seems it's one of the chepest stax solution. Does anyone know this system? how do it...
  10. FFab

    WTB Grado SR60i or 80i or 225

    Hi i want to but a grado sr60i or 80i or the 225 (the old one not the i version). As i'm in italy i would like to find them in eu. Let me know  
  11. FFab

    WTB grado sr60i or 80i

    I want to buy a pair of grado sr60i or 80i in eu in good condition. Let me know.
  12. FFab

    skullcandy aviator & beyerdynamic dt 990 pro

    Hi guys, I purchased a pair of skullcandy aviator on a net shop coz I found them at discount price 59 € instead of 159€. I haven't  received them yet that, but as i found another good offer in another online shop for a pair of beyerdynamic dt 990 pro (119€) i was also thinking about this cans...
  13. FFab

    philips shp 8000

    Does someone know them? how do they sound? i'm thinking to buy them but i would like to undestand how they are. In the philips website i can read they are semi open, but from the picture they look close, am i wrong? Add note here i can find them for almost 80€ so maybe this could help to...
  14. FFab

    vintage philips headphone em6421

    Hi guys, somone know something about this cans? how do they sound? i didn't find anything on the net, as i have an old em6146 i'm thinking to buy some other vintage philips model and i'm looking for some info. Thank u.
  15. FFab

    used grado, how to chose?

    hi guys i'm thinking about getting a used grado on ebay. Is there some mode to be shure that the grado is the original one? i mean for example is there a way to check that the driver of a 325 is  or of 225 i are the original one and not the one of 125i or something else?  
  16. FFab

    Suggestions about akg k242 hd

    Hi all, almost 1 year ago i bought 2 headphones to listen music with my pc and portable mp3. One bad pair of philips shp1900 (that i throw in short time) and another pair of philips shp5401, this one was much better, i found their sound very good for the price i have paied. Now i'm thinking to...