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  1. Morshu

    Klipsch Reference ONE Headphones

    Just noticed under the 'Coming soon' section on the Klipsch website the new, redesigned version of the Image One. Or is this a completely different and new headphone? Can't really see the difference. (I own the Image One and happy with it)
  2. Morshu

    Denon AH-D310

    Has anyone heard of this Denon headphone? Found nothing here, so I guess it's new. I'm just curious because my friend wants to buy it, it has a great price (80 bucks), but can someone say something about it?
  3. Morshu

    Amp for Shure SRH440

    Hi, I'd like to hear your opinion: bought recently a Shure SRH440, works really well, but I'm looking for a good desktop amp. The budget is 50-100$, and i have a candidate: Millenium HP1. Will mainly use with the PC. Will this work for it?
  4. Morshu

    Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic - Review

    Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic - Review   A review of Apple's in-ear solution   A lot of people like listening to music on iPods, but only a few of them considers (or considering) upgrading to a higher level from the stock iBuds. This review is mainly for these people, to...