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  1. viteKH

    DAC/AMP for Grado SR80i + Notebook

    I had the chance to hear the E7 and some iBasso product, which was two times more expensive and, to be honest, I didn't really hear the difference between the two -- although the difference between the intergrated soundcard and E7 was significant. Maybe it was the lower level Grados, maybe it...
  2. viteKH

    DAC/AMP for Grado SR80i + Notebook

    Hey guys, I recently bought Grados SR80i. The sound quality is, when connected to home cinema system, very good. But the sound quality with my laptop  (integrated Sigmatel soundcard) is just... Plain garbage.  So I'm looking for some DAC/AMP probably, something like FiiO E7 or Fubar IV...
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